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Sunday Salon - July 5, 2009



Has a book ever called your name? Have you ever been drawn to a book, knowing that you don't have "time" to read it because you have other books you need to read? Well, this week TWO books called out to me. They were books I planned on reading, eventually. But they couldn't wait, so I stopped resisting and picked them up. Really glad I did!

WarbreakerThe Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

This book was all the rage early in the year, but I found the cover too corny. Then, in April, it made my Waiting on Wednesday post and I've been salivating after it ever since. I borrowed it from the library and put it In My Mailbox June 21st which usually means I won't get to it for another 6 weeks! But no, I couldn't wait, I had to know, what did that cover mean....and it was well worth it. Great book! There has to be a sequel. There has to be.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

I saw this book on a sidebar in Shelf Awareness back in early May and added it to my Wanna Read It list. I didn't request it because I wasn't sure when I could read it. Then, the most wonderful thing happened: Dot Lin, Mr. Sanderson's publicist, asked if I wanted to receive a copy. Ha Ha! Why do they ask - of course I want a copy!!! And she sent this beautiful, HUGE, hardcover and I posted it In My Mailbox - June 15, mere days after it was released. But alas, that translates to "I will read it before year's end because it is not a library book nor is it a blog tour just some wonderfully pleasant reading to look forward to". Yes, it means all of that! But, it wasn't to be - I picked it up a mere day after I finished The Demon's Lexicon and Big Stone Gap. It wasn't even in the pile, I had to go and get it and WOW! It is wonderful.

I haven't finished it yet but I will tell you a little about it:

on pg. 278 of 592

We are introduced to two kingdoms: Idris and Hallandren. In Idris they believe the Royal Family are the true rulers who should also control Hallandren. In Hallandren they have The Returned and the God King and they want to keep control of their kingdom as well as destroy the Idrians and control that land.

The Idrian king designed a treaty that has staved off war for twenty years. In order to continue doing so, he has to send his daughter, Vivenna, to marry the God King and bear an heir. He decides he can't do that, he loves his daughter too much. So he sends his youngest child, the redundant one, Siri, instead!

Siri uncovers some interesting mysteries in the City of Gods, the least of all being the Returned God, Lightsong. Lightsong is my favorite character in this book. He is funny and witty and tries hard not to do anything...until he has no choice.

Vivenna decides to run away to Hallandren and rescue her sister and, hopefully, take her rightful place beside the God King. She was raised to be the God Queen and she wants to fulfill her duties. She gets to Hallandren only to find that everything she thought she knew, was actually nothing at all. She starts questioning her father, her faith, and her very existence.

Ok, that's where I'm at now. Here is one of Lightsong's comments that make me like him:

"That's a charming concept, Blushweaver. But I believe the universe and I are in slightly different weight categories."
"I think you're wrong"
"Are you saying I'm fat?" (p. 145)

And here is Nightblood the sword talking:

"You didn't use me much...You could have used me. I'm better than a shirt. I'm a sword.
...I really am better than a shirt. I would have killed them. Look, they're still breathing. Stupid shirt." (p. 207)

I know, funny right? You weren't thinking that? Maybe you need to read the book. No, really. Get it. It's a mystery, a fantasy, it's humorous, it's witty, it has great new ideas, and makes you think! What more could you ask for from a book?

Have a wonderful Sunday - see you next week!


  1. Warbreaker sounds really good! I just read and reviewed The Demon's Lexicon - LOVED IT! :) Enjoy!

  2. Yeah, I get that feeling all the time. My to-read list is much higher than it should be because of it.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Demon Lexicon. I 've had my eye on it, now I'll move it up on my TBR. I loved Eyes Like Stars, it came in the other day, and its totally going on staff favorite display


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