Saturday, July 4, 2009

Challenges! Update on my Reading Challenges

Brooklyn:A Novel

I don't join many challenges - I have this thing about wanting to do something vs. having to do something - a challenge usually makes me feel as I have to do it - so, of course, I don't want to do it!

But there are some challenges that are not too bad - so I joined some!

2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by J. Kaye's Book Blog - my goal is to read 50 library books by the end of the year. This helps support libraries while keeping cash in my pocket. My only hesitation being will I remember to return the books on time? Since I work in a library and knew I had to do an internship in yet another library I figured I would give it a try. So far I've read 31 of 50 library books and owe 12.00 in fines. Hmm...not really keeping cash in pocket?!? j/k

Diversity Rocks Challenge hosted by Diversity Rocks - my goal is to be more aware of my reading and try to read at least ONE book by an African-American writer per month. I've since decided to make sure I'm reading multiculturally with an emphasis on African American. I've only read 5 books that fit my criteria. This is out of the 60 something books I've read so far this year. Not too good. Need to step up on this!

A Shakespearean Summer Challenge hosted by Liv's Book Reviews - my goal is to read 3 of Shakespeare's plays that I don't remember ever having read even though I know the story. This short contest is part of The Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev release celebration that the Word Ninjas are putting together. It's over in August. So far I've read nothing. Noted and correcting!

The Everything Austen Challenge hosted by Stephenie's Written Word - my goal is to read 5 books and watch 1 movie by challenge's end which isn't till January! Yeah! I've watched Pride and Prejudice four times this month and it's only the fourth! Pretty good!

Newsweek 50 Books for Our Time Reading Challenge hosted by My Friend Amy - I only have one book to read for this new challenge: Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. I'm so excited because this book is on my Wanna Read It list! 50 bloggers are each taking one book to read by year's end and then decide if Newsweek was correct, are these really the books of our time. There were four books left when I wrote this!

Along the way I've participated in the Dewey 24hr ReadAThon and MotherReader's 48hr Book Challenge. Now that I've put this in the open, I'm hoping this will help me reach my challenge goals! Somehow, I also need to start on my 20 books I want to read plus all of the possible Newbery books, EEK! What have I gotten into? There has to be a way to link them all together....

Are you participating in any challenges? How are you doing? If no, why not?

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  1. I am involved in many challenges, but may add a few more based on your challenges.


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