Saturday, July 25, 2015

Batty About Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older - Cover Appeal

Batty About Books 
by Daniel Jose Older

Join us as we read and discuss Shadowshaper over the next two weeks.

Today, July 25th - Cover Appeal
Saturday, August 1st - pgs. 1 - 140
Saturday, August 8th - pgs. 141 - end.

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Cover Appeal -  I did a quick inventory with my 19-year-old daughter, Jessica, about the cover and here are her thoughts:

  • I love it.
  • It's eye-catching,
  • Her hair looks like mine.
  • The colors draw you in and make you want to know what they mean.
  • She looks scared - her eyes are very expressive.
  • She looks like she is staring something or someone down.
  • I like her skin color - is she mixed race? (my daughter is, btw)
Like Jessica, I was drawn to this cover. I like how the city is superimposed on the main character and that she is a beautiful young lady who looks powerful but afraid. Not so much that she's afraid of someone but of her own strength instead. 

What kind of battle did she start? Does she do graffiti? I can't wait to learn more!

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Happy Reading!

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