Thursday, March 5, 2015

What's Your Winner's Curse? Winner's Crime Blog Tour - March 5, 2015

Rutkoski, Marie. The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, 1). MacTeen Books (Macmillan Children's Publishing), 2014. 384 pgs. $9.99. 978-1-25005-697-9.

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As part of the celebration for the release of Winner's Crime (Amazon | Indiebound) the second book in Marie Rutkoski's Winner's Trilogy, bloggers
around the globe are answering the question: What's Your Winner's Curse?
The Winner's Curse is an economic term that means you've gotten what you wanted -- 
but at too high a price!

Blog Tour Schedule
The weekend of February 20th I was scheduled to take the day off and drive to New Haven (12 hours away) and visit my daughter in college. Her tap dance company was putting on a show, The Tapper Games, so it was a chance to see her in action as well as see her beautiful face in person!  At the last minute, I decided it would be better to fly, since there were winter weather warnings across the Eastern and Midwestern US.  I left early to drive to Chicago, normally a 2 hour drive, but not early enough. I ended up in Chicago 10 minutes too late to board my plane since I need to check a bag!! I only needed to check a bag because I had a huge suitcase full of snacks for the kid! There were no ohter flights to New Haven on that Friday!!! The airline could get me to Philadelphia but I was on my own after that. I decided to go, in the hopes that other flights would be delayed and I would magically be able to make my trip. No such luck. I ended up renting a car to drive to New Haven from Philadelphia, normally a 3 hour drive that took 5 hours!!! And it cost me an extra $400. I ended up getting to New Haven so late we just stayed in the hotel! I could have just gotten a room or stayed with a friend in Chicago untl the next day! Also, my flight back was delayed by 3 hours!! I did enjoy the tap show though!

Learn more about The Winner's Trilogy!

Play the Bite and Sting Card Game from the book!

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You can win either a copy of The Winner's Curse or a copy of The Winner's Crime.  Entries accepted March 5, 2015 until March 11, 2015, 11:59pm. US Only please. One entry per household.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

World Read Aloud Day - #SOL15 4

Today (the first Wednesday in March) was officially World Read Aloud Day created by LitWorld. As part of the celebration, educators connect their students with other educators all around the world and read books out loud! This was my first year participating and my 4th Graders and I were lucky enough to partner with +Carrie Davies and her 2nd Grade students.

We read We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) with Carrie reading the part of Gerald as I read Piggie. We followed that up with a reading of A Big Guy Took My Ball! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) This time my Parent Assistant joined us as the Whale. It was a great time.

Afterwards, my students wanted to know if we could find a 4th Grade class to Skype with - so if you know of anyone - let me know! They then spent our last few minutes reading a variety of Piggie and Gerald books to each other! It was awesome!

Special thanks to George Phillip for getting everything set up for us and letting us use his room!

I'm participating in Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This is NOT the Body I Was Looking For - #SOL15 3

Over the past few years I've owned several Fitbits.  Currently, I'm sporting a FitBit One.  Sadly, I've spent more time researching fancy pedometers than I have actually using it to work out. And somehow I'm surprised that my clothes are tighter. I mean, not working out, eating whatever, and getting older is not the recipe for svelteness. But every week, I'm shocked. I step on the scale and I wonder what the h-e-double hockey sticks??!! Whose body is this??!!

I'm participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge. Each day in March, try to post a little slice of your day, your life, your thoughts. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting it together - #SOL15 2

It's already March. I haven't finalized my One Word (I thought about faith). I haven't started my bullet journal (I did buy a journal). I haven't done a Whole30 (I do have the book). For the first time, in a very long time, I am feeling behind in every area of my life. Usually there is one thing that I'm rocking in, and that's usually work, but not this year. New job. I haven't even followed my weekly blogging plan! ARGH!

How do you step off the treadmill? How do you catch up to yourself?

I'm hoping that taking the time each evening to sit and look back at my day will help me find my track again.


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