Monday, December 2, 2013

Missing the Mocks

This is the first time in a quite a few years that I've neither hosted a Mock Newbery at school nor helped out with one at the public library.

I've been consumed by my committee reading, and not in a bad way.

Just in a way that I've invested in a lot of adult audio books.

So, I feel weird moving into what would be the month of power reading before our first official voting round. Here we would pick our top books and then release the list, assign students to champion some books, and make sure we've read all the books put forth so that we can discuss and discuss in January. SIGH!

Bright side: Beyond my second round CYBILS duties, I don't have any official committee work next year! This may mean a return to NerdPrintz, Batty About Books, the Mock Printz Goodreads Group, and other bookish things! HOORAY!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

What I'm Thinking About - December 1, 2013

1. Book Committees
I have been quietly busy on the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction committee and have been perusing the CYBILS Middle Grade Fiction nominations (2nd round judge) and worndering:

How do librarians (school and public) or classroom teachers use these lists? 

Or any award/best of list.

2. Christmas Shopping
I just had a $1,000 problem fixed on my car. And that was the bare minimum to keep the car running.  That was money I was going to use for Christmas gifts and a real Christmas tree.  Luckily, I have a fake tree in reserve. But the presents, no clue.

3. #Nerdlution - December 2, 2013  - January 20, 2014
I'm jumping on the Nerdlution bandwagon. I'm committing to 30 minutes of blogging and 30 minutes of exercise for the next 50 days.  See here, here, and here if you want more information.

My 30 minutes are up.


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