Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cry of the Icemark - Stuart Hill

Cry Of The Icemark

This was an enjoyable book. Stuart Hill gives you just enough background information that you are not bored or bogged down. We knew that Thirrin would be able to take over when it was her turn. What we didn't know was how she would be able to fight the Empire. The book was action packed but with enough dialogue to make the action fun. Sometimes it was hard to believe that Thirrin was only 14, but that's because I was thinking of modern day 14-year-old children. It was hard to put this book down because Hill gave you just enough to make you keep going. The book club loved this book and immediately checked out the sequel: Blade of Fire.

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Cover-Up - John Feinstein

Cover-up: Mystery at the Super Bowl

I have to say that this was better than Last Shot for me. I thought it moved a lot faster. I loved the story about the big shot football player and his close friend the equipment manager. I was a little put off by the frequent references to Susan Carol's height and attractiveness though. Also, the older men putting the moves on her were a little much.

I liked the focus on Stevie and how he had to deal with Susan Carol's fame while being sure to do get his work done. The mystery unfolded naturally and I felt like I could recreate the steps the duo took for background research on steroid testing. In light of what's happening with steroids in sports today, this was very timely!

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Deadline - Chris Crutcher


I loved Marla the therapist. She was believable and interesting. That said...this book felt so contrived. I disliked the main character and did not care what happened to him. He was very egotistical and unbelievable. Everything went right for him. I couldn't believe that he would get the girl, I couldn't believe that Rudy would change. I don't understand why Dallas and Rudy had the backgrounds that they did. There was no preparation for any of that. I read 182 p. without any connection. The only reason I finished the book was because it was a book club book.

I wonder if I didn't like this book because of the books I read right before this: Crooked Kind of Perfect, The Opposite of Invisible, Book Thief...maybe these books biased me. As of today though, I didn't like this book. I gave it two stars because we did have a good discussion about it!

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