Friday, June 5, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge - update 2 - Flightsend by Linda Newbery

Linda Newbery
David Fickling/Random House UK
Pgs: 242
Rdg Time: 3hr. 12m

Book Challenge Time
Books: 2
Total Pgs: 379
Reading: 5h 3m
Twitter: 2h 9m

Charlie did not want to move. She was 16 yo and she had loved her neighborhood and her friends. Her mother, Kathy (such a great name!), wanted to start over. She wanted to get away from the people and the places that held so many memories for her, she want to put " end to...well everything that's gone wrong." (p. 6) So she found a place that wasn't so far that Charlie had to switch school but far enough for things to begin again. She and Charlie could move forward with questions or complications. It turns out Flight's End was just what they needed.

I really enjoyed this book. Both Charlie and her mom were well-rounded characters who were allowed to grow, make mistakes, and even fix some of them. When I first met Kathy, I thought she was running away. Charlie says "they couldn't rebuild their lives on pills." (9) so I got the sense that something was missing and her mom didn't want to face it. Kathy grew more confident throughout the telling of the story. She comes to terms with her past and builds a better future. You also see Charlie becoming more sure of her place in the world.

"You've got me haven't you? Don't I count? Don't I mean anything to you? (27)

Moving to Flightsend means not hanging around after school, not seeing Rowan as much, and trying to determine where she fits in. I enjoyed seeing Charlie take on responsibilities but not lose the friendships from the past. I wish there had been more of Angus in the book because I was hoping for a relationship to develop between him and Charlie. He is exactly the type she needs. Maybe Ms. Newbery will do a sequel.

I found the story engaging and entertaining without making me maudlin. Ms. Newbery uses the phrase "new mood of optimistic vagueness" (10) and that's how the story starts but slowly shifts into something more real. I found her use of imagery fascinating and could conjure up each scene she wrote. I even liked the chapter headings, moving from Flightsend to Flight's End. I give it 4 copies! I will purchase it for the library, which unfortunately won't be until January 2010!

PS: Total time is 8hrs (including reviewing/networking), 2bks, 379pgs

Now time for dinner and some more networking!

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  1. Great job reading! I have finished one book so far. I am constantly distracted and I read slowly so I am just excited for the one book! It is one more finished than from Dewey's Read-a-thon! lol


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