Friday, June 5, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge - update 1 - Twenty Boy Summer

Twenty Boy Summer
Sarah Ockler
Little, Brown
Pgs: 290
Rdg Time: Total for book 2hs 49 min

Book Challenge
Books - 1
Pgs - 137
Rdg: 1hr 51m
Twitter: 1hr 9m 20BoySummer Twitter Party

Twenty Boy Summer tells the story of Anna and Francesca (aka Frankie), and Matt, three best friends. Francesca and Matt are brother and sister. Anna and Frankie are best friends. Matt and Anna? Anna's always loved him and they finally get together only to have Matt torn from her one measly month later. But they never told Frankie and now it seems like its too late. Frankie has enough hurt and the things she's doing to bury it can only cause problems later. But Frankie and Anna get a second chance and decide to have the absolute best summer ever: the A.B.S.E.

I enjoyed Sarah Ockler's writing style in this book. She has a way of juxtaposing the sad with the humorous and never downplaying either. Her details are vivid, when Frankie puts on her armor, we see it:

"Anna, I know things aren't great right now," she says. "But we need to confer on outfits. We have to coordinate in tone and style. And also, I need to borrow your silver dangle earrings." p. 254

Frankie was by far my favorite character. She felt real and 3 dimensional while Anna seemed more like a follower. I thought the pacing of the story was just right and I liked how Matt stayed with us throughout the entire book. I really "knew" him as a character.

I thought the parents weren't very well-drawn. I almost got to know Jayne, Frankie's mother, but then she faded into the background again. All the parents were completely clueless, and luckily, I don't know many parents that way. Yeah, some of us pretend to be blind, but these four were completely oblivious. I also didn't like the picture of virginity as something to be gotten rid of nor did I like how Anna had no feelings about it afterwards. I do think these are issues that a book club can discuss and even for moms to discuss with daughters. I would gladly give this book to Jess and then we could talk about things over our very own VaVa Vineapple Smoothies.

All in all, I give the book 4 copies. I will buy it for the library and put in the hands of small groups of mature young ladies. Don't tell the parents, though! j/k :)

PS - Total time is 3hrs 45 minutes to be adjusted for twitter time.


  1. Good luck with the challenge. LMAO @ don't tell the parents. But I feel you

  2. Hope you are continuing to enjoy the Challenge. I am delighted to be participating, it's my first Challenge. I think I really needed an official excuse to say "I MUST read now!"


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