Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Salon - May 3, 2009

This is my first Sunday Salon. Unfortunately I don't have much to say. Since the ReadAThon, I haven't had much time nor inclination to read. I enjoyed reading and blogging at the same time since it helped me verbalize what I was feeling about a book as I was reading it. I'm hoping to do that with this Sunday Salon feature.

I'm reading Dear Mom by Melody Carlson. It gives you insight into what your teenaged daughter might be thinking but not saying. It is an easy read - but not an easy subject!

My daughter is 13 and I swear on that day life changed for us! I can never anticipate if something I do will set off an argument. This book has helped me to stop and think and remember what it was like at that age.

"I'm sure you know how it feels when I don't listen to you (since you point that out on a regular basis), but do you know that's how I feel too?"

The writing is crisp and concise and funny all at the same time. I will be featuring this book as part of my very first Blog Tour this week!

In other news: I'm trying to update my blog. I wanna add tabs, a signature, get a great color scheme, and come up with some sort of organizing feature so that my reviews are easy to find and read. I need to go back and re-label old posts so that they are more consistent, too. I'm having a header made and thinking about some sort of favicon based on it, as well as a little blog button. I have my name - The BrainLair (anagram of librarian) now I need to build an identity around it. Here are five blogs that I would like to take ideas from and mix in with my own notes and create my own brand.

Melissa's Bookshelf - love the wide columns, tabs, and favicon
Black-Eyed Susan - love the uncluttered look and evidence of what's imp to her.
Shalonda's Blog - love the clean look and the header
YA Reads - love the header and little pieces of paper that match big piece of paper
The Literate Housewife - love the seamless header/blog look, the big writing area, picture clarity, the little in-my-mailbox sidebar, etc.

Any update comments would be appreciated. Especially if they can tell me how to do it without losing all my info, like I did before!


  1. Hi KB,

    How nice of you to mention my blog. I'd like to make some tweaks, but honestly, I've worn myself out playing with layout, post scheduling, blog hopping. I need more reading time. See how easily I take off in an unnecessary direction. Anyhoo, I love what you're doing here and welcome to TSS. I'm new to the group as well.

  2. Oh, I need that book. My daughter is 13. And I'm so there. Worse, I've been down this road but my girls are a decade apart. All those years and still, I'm unnerved and worn out with the drama of teendom.


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