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Batty About Books - Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities by Mike Jung Final

Batty About Books
Geeks, Girls and
Secret Identities
by Mike Jung

(Arthur A Levine Books (Scholastic), 2012. 320p. $16.99. 9780545335485)

Genre: Science Fiction (superheroes, killer robots)

We've finished our first book in the 2013 Batty About Books Series!
Don't forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see what went down before today!

As always, Maria, the one in purple, is posting her side at Maria's Melange
Sherry, the one in green, is posting her side over at The Library Fanatic.  

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
“Mad scientist versus regular scientist, winner take all. Awesome” (244)
There were some fun quotes in this section. I definitely enjoyed it.

This last part made me wish I’d read the whole thing through. Even though I enjoyed the book overall, I felt it was a little draggy reading this part separately. Yes! I think this is exactly the kind of book that needs to be read all at once.

During Professor Mayhem’s evil rant, he makes a point of saying “...only way to escape is reducing your body weight by 80%...” (210) I found it weird that neither Captain Stupendous or Vincent caught on to that right away.  But as readers, we got it! I think kids will appreciate being in on this and knowing what’s going to happen...I agree, I thought it was odd that they didn’t pick up on that. But it fits with several other “in jokes” that the reader will get. I know I love those kinds of things, and I think kids do, too.

Why does Professor Mayhem look and sound so much older than Vincent’s parents if they went to school together? He uses such words like “swoon” What? You don’t say swoon? I thought it was coming back in vogue?! (Does anyone say that anymore?) *laughs* Love you, Sherry! Perhaps Mayhem feels that he is keeping to the super villain code. Don’t they always talk like that? I think archaic language and monologuing are taught at villain school.   Not that I want to go to villain school, but wouldn’t those be two great classes? (Or one combined) The are probably one class The Art of the Monologue: How to Work in Archaic Language (required Year 3)

Detective Boyfriend Bobby Campbell
There is so much to like about him. He makes Bobby feel so valued. “I didn’t want a goofy smile to take over my whole face, but I couldn’t help it.” (2)

Max and George
I enjoying see how the boys have Vincent’s back even when they are teasing him but I couldn’t help but wish that whole ‘we weren’t jealous” thing (265) was explained better. Maybe defining what jealous meant? If my friend had battled supervillains alongside a superhero and was the president of the fan club, would I be jealous? Probably. But I know what Jung was getting at, I just wonder if kids will too. (now you are wishing I had explained things better!)

Polly and Vincent
The budding romance between these two is well done! The hand holding, the tingly feeling from a smile, confusion about enjoying being hugged during intense situations. BUT, can it really be sustained if Polly continues being Captain Stupendous? They are holding hands and being seen in public and generally hanging out. What happens when there is a Stupendous Alert and she has to go off and fight crime? Put that together with her new body and, even without the gap, people will start putting two and two together...Isn’t that always the issue with super heroes and secret identities?  They always “miss” the super hero sightings and fun because they’re busy being the super hero! And come on - how can people REALLY not figure out that Clark and Superman are the same - just because of the glasses? “Oh, you know Clark really looks a lot like that Superman guy.... but the glasses? Yeah, it can’t be him!” *chuckles* Haha! ::must watch more super hero thingies:: Also, Wait, What?? Clark Kent is Superman?? You have officially ruined my evening! :)

This is a book I can get behind. A solid entry into the middle grade science fiction field. Not overly sexy, scary, or confusing. Left me hoping for a sequel, I mean, stealing teddy bears only to put them in a different area? Were we sure they were the same teddy bears or had the villain altered them in some way? Hmmm. In addition to wanting to see the team in action, I want to know more about Max’s, George’s, and Polly’s families and  I’m dying to see the town’s reaction to the new Captain Stupendous. I agree a sequel/series could be a good thing.  Guess we’ll wait and see! Oh, I hope this is a series starter, too! I think this is a great middle grade book. Adventure without gore, sweet romance without angst... I love it.

“A dog barked somewhere in the distance.” (286) This phrase reminds me of one of my favorite articles on its use (overuse?).

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  1. My superhero name is "The Silencer" because I like it to be quiet. ;)

  2. Friend to all. I always try to make people feel good about themselves.


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