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Batty About Books - Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities by Mike Jung pt2

GEEKSCHANGE2Batty About Books
Geeks, Girls and
Secret Identities
by Mike Jung

(Arthur A Levine Books (Scholastic), 2012. 320p. $16.99. 9780545335485)

Genre: Science Fiction (superheroes, killer robots)

Welcome to Part 2 of Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities! If you missed Part 1, where we get introduced to all the Geeky goodness, go here!

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Part 2 - Pg 100 - 201
This is one of those books you really need to read in one or, at the most, two sittings! Some stuff happens in this middle part but a lot of it’s a setup for the final third of the book. I commented on this, too. I wish we had only done this book in two weeks! Now you both know why I couldn't stop reading...especially on page 201!  What a cliff hanger at the end of the chapter!

“Old people like to talk about how young other old people look.” (101) I don’t know if kids will get this but it was so funny to me because it’s so true! When you get to be my age, you marvel at how young your friends or people you grew up  with look and you want to know their secrets! So funny! I don’t remember this line. It’s interesting to notice the things one of us notices as we read. I think that’s one of my favorite parts about doing book buddies. That line made me chuckle too. I get this impression that Maria just called me old. :)

“It’s not enough that my dad wishes I was a boy, now the entire universe is making me be one.” (121) We are still getting these boy-girl dynamic issues but, so far, staying pretty surface with them. I forgot to mention this one! I hope they go into this a bit more. This quote from Polly made me sad as I thought about girls who have actually heard this from their fathers. We say stuff, then we move on. A little bit earlier, we also had another of Max’s outdated girl notions: not into science fiction, role-playing games, etc. Is this supposed to be funny? I commented on Max’s comment in my discussion. When I got to that line I wrote a note “prove him wrong!”. I don’t think Polly will, because she doesn’t seem to be into such things. But it seems that guys have this opinion even in the face of seeing women and girls who ARE into such things. This is one reason I make a big deal of my passions for science fiction and geeky things at work. I want the boys and girls I teach to see at least one woman who is REALLY into this stuff - and proud of it. I think that’s awesome! You are a great role model! You are a great role model. But what about the kids who read this and don’t have that? Are these notions just going to be addressed through Polly’s actions? Will younger readers catch that or will they go with what they read the boys saying? Who will the readers identify with in this book???

When George mentions that Vincent’s dad and Professor Mayhem both created something indestructible at the same time, I had two thoughts: Red herring? or is Vincent’s dad Professor Mayhem??? And the mom! My suspicions were raised as well...great distraction technique. But then, no.  I was deflated. I comment on Bobby at this point. I think Bobby has more to him than we see right now.

3 Meteorite chunks! Professor Mayhem, Miquel Zazueta (old Captain Stupendous), and Vincent’s dad! Is the dad going to be a superhero or a supervillain??? Will this be who Polly turns to? Or will his career end with the super string??? And what is the deal with Bobby? I think I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t something to his piece of the story. I will be disappointed if it does! (that lines reminds me of Pride and Prejudice when the dad talks to Elizabeth about marrying Mr. Darcy)

Also, polymath??

And, Captain Stupendous’ voice sounds like Polly in my head!! It’s so weird! It reminds of kid snippets!  (you must watch this hilarious video!) LAUGH! :) That is great! Have you seen the Geek & Sundry “Written by a Kid” videos? This is my favorite - they even recruited Joss Whedon to act out this kid’s story. love this one! Hadn’t seen the Geek & Sundry ones! Will add to my subscription! Yay!

I’m not satisfied and really want to finish the whole book now!

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