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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sunday Salon - The Best

from What I Wore tumblr
I found this tumblr What I Wore and fell in love with it! I checked out Jessica Quirk's book, What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style from the library and decided I needed to own it.

See, I just buy stuff. And most of it looks the same.  This year, as part of taking better care of myself, I want to look my best too!

The book is divided into sections: Getting Started and then one section for each season.  I'm in the Getting Started phase.  I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and drawers and went through it! The first round was divide into keep, maybe, toss.  I sent 3 garbage bags of clothes to goodwill! Some I'd never even worn and wasn't sure why I bought it! Then I went through the maybes and divided them again - another bag gone.  I was down to a big pile of clothes that Quirk directed me to try on. So I did! Each and every piece. It was at turns, exciting, fun, and depressing.  I divided these clothes into yes, maybe, repair, no.  I put the maybes in a drawer - these were clothes I thought I might be able to fit into later this year. If they were wintry - I put them away.  Then I took the clothes and I hung them all in my closet - by color.
I pretty much just owned gray, black, tan and blue clothes! So sad! Now I need to pick a core color - black, charcoal, or brown. I chose gray cause I like it best of the three. Now I need to build a core collection - just like in the library! I need: blazer, cardigan, camisole,trousers, skirt plus white button-up, lbd, dark jeans and tights.  Can you believe I don't own a white button-up? Not even an off-white one! How could I not??? So I'll be heading out to pick up some things plus decide on my secondary palette  to add some color!  Another thing I like about this book are the sketches - these are real clothes Quirk owns! Makes it seem more doable.
from What I Wore tumblr
Although it's weird to barely have enough clothes to fill a closet - I know I wasn't wearing the rest of it anyway! This past week back to school, I've gotten compliments on what I wore! So, I'm really jazzed to work farther into this book! I also hope to start taking pics of what I'm doing but think I will post those over on tumblr! 

Are you making any fashion resolutions? Check out BlogHer - Year-Round Fashion Resolutions for tips! Leave a comment and then go  Enter to Win a Kindle Fire by sharing other things you are doing to make this year your best yet!


  1. Good luck Ms. B and have fun! Sounds like a great project. =)

  2. I love reading this sort of thing even though it tortures me. I do wear everything in my closet, and have gone to great lengths to insure that I can continue to wear blazers, turtlenecks and pleated skirts even though they don't make the kind I like any more. Splurged this weekend at the thrift store on two corduroy dresses. Warm, comfy and... good looking? Find I no longer care! Glad to know that you are at least able to improve! Good for you!

    1. Ha! I'm just happy to be able to see everything. I can put things together that I hadn't thought of before! Love it.

  3. A good purge of the closet is sooo therapeutic! And good Feng Shui!

    1. Mia, I would love to learn more about Feng Shui. Maybe a summer project?


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