Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sunday Salon - The Ninja Chicas

Please welcome the Ninja Chicas!

Here they are talking about Books Students Like to Read.  Check out their linked pages for more information about them and the books they like to read. Review Policy here.

Aneeqah's Not So Real Life -  I think it depends on where you are. Where I am, kids seem to be interested mainly in realistic fiction. I think it helps them connect their experiences with something.

Keeping it Real With Lucy - I don't know what books are popular with kids my age - I see them reading fantasy, realistic, science fiction. It all depends on what students like. (And if they don't like to read... I hand them a book to start!)

Isabella and Anusha of Bellanush - Isabella says: I think action for guys because its almost always about fighting,blood and death. I think girls also like action but do enjoy a good romance book because everyone loves when the gorgeous guy comes and helps the girl and how they will always be together. But I think most girls like when it doesn't end well and they have to work it out.

Anusha Says:  Alot of action/fantasy books, because people have short attention spans [like me!]  and need to be intrigued

Alexa of Simon Cowell's Corner - I believe that books that kids my age really like to read are romance novels, (though I really don't enjoy them) All kids, mostly girls, at the pree-teen age like to imagine if they had a boyfriend like the wonderful, non-realistic ones they experience in novels.

The Sisters - We would both have to say fantasy, mystery, Sarah Dessen (for girls), adventure, fantasy romance (once again girls, I have never seen a boy even look at twilight), sports books (for boys) and last but not least adventure.

The Ninja Chicas are looking for books to review.  Check out their posts by clicking the links and find out the types of books they would be interested in reading/reviewing.  Check out The Brain Lair for our review policies.

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