Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Sunday Salon - The Possibilities of Hair

I have always had short hair. Always. When I was a kid, I used to wear a scarf on my head all the time. Except for picture day. It was the one day my mother made me leave the house without it. I cried the whole time. I had something called Trichotillomania. I mostly pulled from the right side of my head and sucked the middle two fingers of my left hand. So I had bald patches, hand calluses and these huge bucked teeth.  So big I could not close my mouth.  Really.  And unless I wore dress, and sometimes even then, you could not tell me apart from my brothers. My mom also straightened our hair with a stove top hot comb.  And later, I either straightened it with a hot comb or with a relaxer.  Memories.

As an adult I would waver between my natural hair and relaxed hair.  Either way my hair would start growing and then, not.  I would never even cover my ears. I really didn't care so much because short hair is easy!  But, lately, I feel like I want some sort of change. For the last two years, I've worn my hair in varying stages of two-strand twists. When I do this, keeping my hair protected and moisturized, the hair shows growth.  But, I am lazy.  So the hair would get matted and I would get out my clippers.

 This year, I am vowing to let it grow! I've been reading some forums on Naturally Curly and watching videos on youtube, especially Naptural 85 and following the Newly Natural blog.  I'd also tried some books, but most of them were too general.  My hair is soooo kinky and it breaks so easily, I need some products and tips that are specific to my type.  So, this summer,  I did not cut my hair off.  No, it's not long, but for once, it's healthy!! I've been co-conditioning and conditioning it and keeping it covered at night.  I also try to keep it twisted more often which is a chore because it takes about 2 hours to do it right! It's a serious learning process and I'm determined to see it through!  I'm still looking for the right mixture of products, so if you have some tips, let me know!
Also, I need some new glasses!


  1. Ah, hair. I can't help, since I have fine, lank, blonde hair, but I don't think that anyone is really happy with her hair! I finally gave up and got a really short haircut and try not to care. Must say that I have always envied the short, natural Afro hair style as looking easy to care for, but maybe it's not! And I like the glasses, but it's always fun to change. Maybe some color like red!

  2. Hair is something that I have fought with since childhood, too, with different issues from yours. It is too fine to have any body. When it's short, it's often flat. It looks good for about ten minutes after I do it...when my daughter does, it, though (she's a stylist), it looks good all day. But she doesn't seem to be going for my idea of coming over everyday to do my hair! LOL

    Thanks for sharing...I enjoyed your post.


  3. Kathy, what a great post! I have short natural hair too. I mainly use things from Carol's Daughter. I really see the difference in my hair when I don't. I have to say that I love your baby picture. You were so cute! :-)

  4. Ms. Yingling - I try not to care too! Many times I avoid mirrors but I'm trying to get out that habit and make the most of what little I have!

    Laurel - Wouldn't it be great if she did that? Thanks for stopping by!

    Natasha - I like Carol's Daughter too, especially their Hair Milk and Hair Honey! Hair Milk is one of the few products both my daughter and I can use!


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