Friday, August 20, 2010

Waxed by Robert Rave - Review and Blog Tour

Robert Rave
St. Martin's Griffin
August 2010

Waxed is the story of three sisters, Carolina, Anna and Sofia.  Carolina has built Impresario's into the best wax salon in Manhattan, at least according to New York Magazine.  To get to the top she's had to make some tough choices and has no time to give out sympathy.  She work's hard and doesn't believe in handout.  Even for her sisters.

Anna's husband walked out on her and left her with three kids.  She's has to go back to work and finds she doesn't remember how to do this.  Her clothes are out of date and she's "overweight".  She feels out of place and Carolina has decided she needs to start at the bottom.

Sofia has the "perfect" life.  She and her husband, Scott, live a comfortable life in a great apartment.  Sure, Scott works a lot, but she doesn't mind being at home waiting for him.  He's always happy to see her and gives her lots of attention.  Sometimes she misses the night life but that's what getting married means, right, giving up on the partying?

Waxed is a fast, simplistic read.  Rave's tone is uneven as he alternates between excessive snarkiness, naming every store, every hip store, and all the latest products, and actually telling a story. Reading Waxed feels like you're reading the latest Star magazine.  I never felt any sympathy for the characters because there was so much going on it felt like a soap opera; so fantastic but you can't stop watching. You get these little sensationalistic bits of each person's life and then move on before getting too involved.  None of them seemed real, luckily.

About the Author
Former New York City publicist Robert Rave has worked on numerous public relations campaigns and high profile special events in the lifestyle, fashion, nightlife and entertainment industries. He is the author of Spin and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read WAXED. I sincerely appreciate it. :)


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