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Three Nights With a Scoundrel by Tessa Dare - Review and Blog Tour

Three Nights With a Scoundrel
Tessa Dare
Ballantine Books
July 2010

Three Nights With a Scoundrel is the last book in a trilogy.  The series starts with One Dance With a Duke where we meet Amelia, Spencer, Lily, Julian, and Rhys. One Night With a Duke covers the romance of Amelia and Spencer, two stubborn people determined to get their own way.  Amelia will do anything to save her brother, even marry Spencer.  Rhys and Meredith's romance is covered in Twice Tempted With a Rogue.  Rhys had a terrible upbringing that left him believing he was unlovable.  When he meets Meredith, he knows she's the one girl for him. Now he just has to convince her of that.

In Three Nights With a Scoundrel we find that Leo Chatwick's killer still has not been found.  Julian Bellamy is starting to believe, along with Rhys St Maur and Spencer Morland, that the last honest and decent man's life was taken in a random act of violence. He has increased his campaign to have Lily, Leo's twin sister, married off so she has someone to take care of her.  Lily, while realizing that she had been overly dependent on Leo, doesn't want to get married to anyone other than Julian.  She decides to go along with his plan to re-introduce her to society if he agrees to escort her three times.  He does.  Lily uncovers more of Julian's past and learns he's been living a double life.  And he believes neither personality is worthy of Lily.  She doesn't care but does ask that he stop trying to find her brother's killers because she doesn't want him to get hurt.  Julian agrees at first until he finds new evidence that maybe they weren't trying to kill Leo but him.  Now to figure out why.

Three Nights With a Scoundrel is a fast, engaging tale of romance and mystery.  It was fascinating to learn how Julian got his start.  It served to bring an understanding to his obsessive behavior and why he kept rebuffing Lily.  I would have liked to have learned more about Lily before she became deaf.  However, we do get some insight into her character. Three Nights stands apart from the other two books with more plot and less intimate relations.  No, this is not your mother's romance but Dare weaves in the amatory details easily. They took second place to the story and made for a more enjoyable read. I couldn't put it down.

About the Author
Tessa Dare a part-time librarian, full-time mommy, and swing-shift writer. She makes her home in Southern California, where she shares a cozy, cluttered bungalow with her husband, their two children, and a dog.

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  1. Great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the trilogy! Thanks so much for being on the tour. We really appreciate it!


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