Thursday, June 3, 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge - Second Time Around

Last year I participated in the 48 Hour Book Challenge hosted by MotherReader and I'm happy to do it again this year!!

I will be starting on Friday, June 4th at 4pm and reading till Sunday at 4pm.  During that time, I'll tackle some yard work, do some laundry, exercise, hang with the Amazing Dancer, etc, etc, etc. 

Since this isn't about the number of books but the hours spent reading, my goal is to read 30 hours.  Last year I did 22 1/2.  I originally planned to do 36 hours but...trying to get closer to realistic this year!

I'll pull from the list at left and aim for short reviews after each book.  I'll see you tomorrow!

What book should I start with?  Check the list at left and I'll start with the book with the most votes!


  1. One crazy Summer and Countdown

  2. Wait! You have Mockingjay? As in THE Mockingjay that I can't wait to read? You must read it first!

    Have fun!

  3. I think you should start with humor so: Does My Head Look Big in This? Then read One Crazy Summer, The Great Gatsby and For the Win (this book because I want to read your review on it. lol).

  4. I vote for One Crazy Summer! Beautiful plot with dynamic characters.

  5. Hah! I wish I had Mockinjay! I preordered it in February but unfortunately that doesn't mean anything....

    So far, it looks like One Crazy Summer will be first followed by Countdown, Out of My Mind and either For The Win and a reattempt at Does My Head Look Big in This...

  6. Very Valentine is a fun read - go that way :) Oh and seriously do you have Mockingjay? That one would never make it to my shelf before I read it:)

  7. That is one list! Very hard to choose where to start, but I do like Riding Invisible. I read this one in ms form and loved the story. Next I'd say Beautiful Creatures. That was a fun read. Of course Sense and Sensibility is an all time favorite. Oops. Guess I'm not helping. I'll wind up telling you to start with them all.


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