Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Salon - TV Turnoff Week - April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday! It's been an exceptionally busy week around here.  Work has been crazy as we re-write three classes as well as work on a local grant.  We are trying to determine if dedicated ebook readers and ebooks or laptops with ebook readers and ebooks lead to increased reading skills.  This has, ironically, led to a lack of reading time for me!

TV Turnoff Week - April 19 - 25
As part of TV Turnoff Week, I'm running a second Scholastic Book Fair at our school.  We also have ISTEP and NWEA testing coming up so I'm hoping these combined events will all encourage students to purchase more books.  We could really use some money to make the library a more inviting place.

In addition to the newsletter and flyers, I went on our school news and sang a song based on the Ting Tings, That's Not My Name

Come Buy Some Books
(tune of That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings)

Starting Monday and running all week you should
Turn off your tv  find something to read

Reading this flyer will give you some ideas so
count your money save up all your change  and

come and browse
see what you can buy
We open at 850 and we close at 415 yo

Were selling books in the library
But it only lasts a week so
Come support the IMC C C C

Come buy this book
Come buy this pointer
Come buy this duck
Come buy this pen

Come buy some books
Come buy some books
Come buy some books
Come buy some

We sell these drumsticks
And we sell stickers
Plenty of bookmarks
To save your place

Come buy some books
Come buy some books
Come buy some books
Come buy some

Are you coming to the fair?
Are you buying some books?

I brought props and everything.  It was embarrassing but the students seemed to love it.

We'll be reducing our TV Time at home this week and I plan on carving out some time to read, play some games with The Amazing Dancer (we love Scrabble Slam), get outside in the yard (ok, not something I really want to do), and go to see David Sedaris with friends.  I haven't read any of his work but I'm hoping to get to some of his essays tonight.

Earth Day - April 22
This week also has Earth Day.  This Thursday, I'm hoping to do a few upgrades to my "landscape".  I want to put in a new mailbox, plant some flowers around it, upgrade some of my solar lights and add a few more, clean off my deck and think about some patio furniture.  Now, I'm no good at outdoorsy things and don't particularly like it out there but it really needs SOMETHING and I don't have any money. With the exception of replacing the mailbox, these sound fairly easy.  I definitely need some bushes and trees and a shed and other stuff but this will be a good start.  I don't have classes this summer, so if I don't get a job, I'm going to work more on the outside.  If you have any tips, please email me or leave them in the comments!  Thanks!


  1. I love the song! How fun and creative!

  2. I didn't know that this was TV Turnoff Week; thanks for mentioning it. There is a stack of books by my bed, and I just needed a little push to keep the TV turned off this week.


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