Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Salon - Battle of the Kid's Books - Round 2 (and some 1)

It's (almost)round 2 of School Library Journal's Battle of the Kid's Books. I did not fare so well in the brackets during this first round. There are still a few contests left so I am going to do only two second round picks.

1. Charles and Emma vs. Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
I had both of these books set to lose in the first round but somehow they survived. The audience for these books is different though I can see Teens reading both. I'm going to give the edge to Calpurnia because it's not just about Darwin so I think it has a better story The brothers in the story are well-written even though Jacqueline Kelly doesn't have any siblings. It's the kind of story you can put down and then pick it up later and fall right back into also, the grandpa kind of reminds me of Mark Twain. You know, if I knew him. So, on to round three with Calpurnia.

2. The Last Olympian vs. The Lost Conspiracy
I really enjoyed The Last Olympian and read it in one night. I really enjoyed the beginning and the end of the The Lost Conspiracy and read it over a week. Maybe that was the problem. I am loathe to pick either book at this point. I will come back on Wednesday with my pick...

I finally read The Storm in the Barn and I must say it was amazing. I almost cried at parts of it. It solidifies my choice and I hope the judge, Anita Silvey, doesn't let her nonfiction love push it out of the running. I also need Peace, Locomotion and Tales from Outer Suburbia to win their matches. There are still three more matches to go before we begin round 2 officially on Thursday, March 25th, so check back then for my picks.

I haven't forgotten about The Morning News Tournament of Books. I've been following them but haven't done as much reading as I had hoped. I'm three books in, which is more than last year, and should make a minimum of two more. I've read The Help and Lowboy from Round 1 and will tell you what I thought of them and I've finished The Anthologist and just need to read Wolf Hall for the quarter finals.

Stay tuned!

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