Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Salon - June 21, 2009

This was not my most productive week. I barely scratched the service on my to-do, to-read, or to-blog lists. I've been watching a lot of DVDs though. I started the first season of Felicity and have been watching Shakespeare Retold - modernized versions of some of Shakespeare's plays. James McAvoy is in the Macbeth one and I do enjoy watching him. He plays Joe Macbeth who's working in a restaurant he hopes to inherit. He decides to have his successor killed so that he doesn't have to wait so long. He sings in this one too!

The best thing I've done this week is participate in the Bloggiesta that was hosted by MawBooks. Even though I didn't get much done, it had me thinking again of the direction I want this blog to take. I'm getting better at reviews - now I just have to start linking them on the review page. I learned alot about favicons, gravatars, commenting as a way to develop relationships, and had The Brain Lair graded.

In terms of reading, today I'm reading The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul.

It's had a very slow start but is finally starting to pick up. In the beginning we meet Tipper, a 22 yr old emerlindian and Bec, a giant parrot. They have been selling her dad's sculptures to keep the estate running. Tipper's dad disappeared about 15 years ago and she and her mother are starting to run out of money and things to sell off.

Thankfully, her dad reappears...but only temporarily. He's caught between two worlds and needs three of his sculptures to help him return fully and completely.

Unfortunately, Tipper doesn't know where those statutes ended up. So Tipper, along with her Dad, Bec and some other characters, two from another world, head on a quest to retrieve the sculptures, repair the gateway and bring her Dad home for good.

I should have this fully read, reviewed and posted by Thursday. I will also host a giveaway.

Happy reading everyone!

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  1. I had a slow week the week before last. It happens. Give yourself a break! I am glad the Bloggeista could help you out with the direction for your blog.


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