Sunday, June 7, 2009

Review - Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Eyes Like Stars
Lisa Mantchev
Feiwel and Friends
352 pg

Bertie Shakespeare Smith wants to know who she is and why she lives in a theater. Although she's curious she never wants to leave the place. The Stage Manager has always been The Stage Manager. It's not a part he plays, it's who he is and Bertie is in his way. He wants her gone. In the Theatre Illuminate people don't just have parts, they live them. They can't leave the theater because they are bound by The Book, every play ever written. And Bertie has caused problems for them all her life. The Stage Manager has complained for, what he hopes, is the final time. Bertie must leave and let them get on with their plays. The Theater Manager decides to give Bertie one last chance: She must prove to be valuable or she will be chucked out like yesterday's garbage.

Although it takes a bit to get used to the theater lingo Eyes Like Stars is a fun, fast-paced read. Lisa Mantchev's quick wit shows in almost every word the fairies speak

"Stupid, men can't be divas...Divo then." 45

Lisa's writing is vivid and every sentence adds another scene to the story.

"The word-hurricane twisted about the Theater Manager, tugged at his coat, mussed his hair." 38

"Bertie would rather drink gasoline and shove a lit match up her nose than applaud..." 42

The characters are well-drawn, especially Bertie, Nate, and Ariel. As Bertie struggles to keep her place in the theater, always hoping her mother would return for her, she also struggles with a love for the Bad Boy, Ariel and the less bad, Nate. Eyes Like Stars is peppered with enough Shakespeare references to make you want to go and read a few of his plays, with an emphasis on Hamlet, to see if Mantchev knows her stuff. Or just because it brings back memories. I love how Lisa Mantchev allowed Bertie to grow. In the end, she gets everything she never knew she wanted and we are left with an eagerness to read Perchance to Dream. This love story, mystery, coming of age tale was delightful and well worth the read. I give it 4 copies and know they will always be checked out!

"There was no backtalk this time, just the sound of crickets chirping." 58

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  1. Great review! I'm so psyched to read this book. I especially like the quotes you've picked out.



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