Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Salon - My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald

Welcome to the Sunday Salon - on Tuesday! That's how the last few weeks of my life have been going. Just trying to find time to think!

I got a copy of The Last Olympian from the library last week and jumped it up the pile and just stayed up all night and read it!! Of course, I was mighty tired the next day but it was worth it! It may have been the last of Percy Jackson's adventures but you could tell that Rick Riordan is planning on a new series featuring demi-gods and I know I will be first MLIPAGin line for that!
My Life in Pink and Green
Lisa Greenwald

This is another one that jumped the reading queue. I only read a little bit of it because I of The Last Olympian but I'm enjoying it and I'm sure I'll finish it soon!

I love the tips at the beginning of the chapters.

"Beauty tip: Putting cold cucumbers on your eyes can reduce puffiness and relieve stress." (p. 7)

So far this is the story of Lucy. She is a twelve-year-old who "works" in their family-owned drugstore with her mom and Grandma. The pharmacy is in danger of closing but Lucy's mom, Jane, is in denial. She's sure everything will be alright. In the meantime, Jane still lives at home with her mother. At the age of 40! Lucy loves working with the beauty products in the store. She gets to try all of the free makeup samples that companies send in! I would love that too!! Lucy thinks she's found her niche when she helps the most popular girl in school, Courtney Adner, fix a salon disaster on the morning of Homecoming.

That's as far as I've gotten so far! My plan is to finish this soon because next week Hunger: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant comes out!! It's the top book I'm waiting for this year!


  1. Both women are single and they might lose the pharmacy. Maybe money has been tight for awhile? But even if it weren't, extended families aren't weird are they? Adult children living with parents isn't new. Sorry, but I got stuck on why the exclamation point on a 40 year-old single woman living with her mom.

  2. This sounds cute! Maybe I ought to pick it up since my wedding colors were pink and green.

    By the way, it's taken me forever to make the rounds, but I wanted to let you know you have an award to pick up on my blog.

  3. Susan: In this case, she hadn't planned on staying at home, she wasn't "paying attention". I didn't give the full backstory on the mom. The Mom is sorta living in LaLaland while things are falling down around her. Yes, things have been tight for awhile and no - extended families aren't weird, per se. But, IMHO, it is weird if you just let life pass you by and that's why you are still there.

  4. Its a fun cover. I may have to check this one out. It came into the store last week.


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