Friday, April 3, 2009

Review - Me, The Missing and The Dead by Jenny Valentine

Me, The Missing and The Dead
by Jenny Valentine
Pub: Harper Teen, 2007
Pgs: 201


Lucas Swain walks into the cab office because he is too tired to walk home. He's got money that his sister, Mercy, accidently left in his coat and he plans on using it. Everyone was staring at him. He looked away and then he saw her - the urn, I mean, Violet Park, she was in the urn. He didn't know her name then. But she was calling to him, compelling him to take her home. So he did, eventually.

"The main thing about my mom is that she's sad." (42) Lucas' dad, Pete, disappeared five years ago, when Lucas was 11. He wears Pete's clothes in the hopes that it will help everyone remember him. His mom hasn't moved on because no one knows what happened to Pete, and for Lucas this means he may be coming back any day now!

It turns out the dead lady in the urn, Violet Park, knew Lucas' dad The more Lucas uncovers about Violet the less he thinks it's a coincidence that he found her. His hope is that Violet will lead him to his dad and help Lucas bring Pete home. Funny though, the more he learns about Violet, the more he learns about Pete and he has to wonder, "Have I been remembering my dad correctly?" (88)

As Lucas uncovers the mystery of how Violet and Pete's connection he learns things about his mom, and his Gramps, and his little brother, Jed. Some things he wish he didn't know. "I went to my room and punched a hole in the wall, but I didn't cry." (200)

This was a fast but satisfying read. I felt as if I knew Lucas and could understand his need to idolize his dad and to find out what actually happened to Pete. I enjoyed this book very much and will book talk it April 16th


  1. Great review, I'm glad you enjoyed it. JV is amazing. Are you going to read Broken Soup? (it's even better than VP!)

  2. I'm hoping to get it free from Harper but if not, I will order it from Powell's soon!!!


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