Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Five

The Friday Five

1. Spring Break - some of the best things about working for a school are the breaks. We have the next week off! I am going to read and clean, read and clean, and, possibly, go to Chicago. Definitely read and clean though!!

2. iGoogle - I keep trying to get people to use this tool. It is awesome. I have many blogs that I try to read consistently. This tool lets me organize them and see the last three posts. Much better than bookmarks. I also have some of my favorite sites: Lifehacker, Questionable Content, Slate, my Google Bookmarks, Gmail, etc. and since its web-based as long as I have an internet browser I can access them! Yay - ya!

3. Netflix - right now I get 2 movies at a time plus all of thier instant movies. Sweet! I hook the computer up to the TV and watch them whenever I want. The movies in my queue are delivered within one day of me returning the old ones. I'm watching The Outsiders right now and, up next, The Wizard of Oz! It's easy to use and fairly inexpensive! Plus, NO LATE FEES!

4. Castle - I love Nathan Fillion. Dear Nathan, I heart you. Will you marry me? Sincerely, me. PS: I would love to have that lifesize cut out of you from Castle.

5. Ipod Touch - Love it, love it, love it. The only thing I could love more would be an Iphone. Favorite apps: Fandango, Stanza, Google search, Facebook, Tweetie, and YouTube. I love that I could be somewhere, hear a song, find it in Itunes and download it. I listen to it in the car, at work, at home with speakers, I've even watched HSM3 on it. When I am rich and/or famous, I shall invest in an Iphone. It will of course be called something else, but hey, I will get it!


  1. You're so lucky! I have one more week until spring break. I am counting down!

    Netflix is the best! Yesterday I watched "Be Kind, Rewind" which I've had for the last two months. Where else would I be able to keep a movie for that long?


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