Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five

Almost went to bed without doing my Friday Five. Here are five things on my mind right now:

1. @Readathon - It starts tomorrow people!!! I can hardly wait! I have my books all ready. I was going to start at 9am but my Book Blather buds talked me into starting at 8am (7am for them!) So, I added some additional books to my pile just in case this list isn't enough. I will be taking a break to go see Zac Efron in 17 again!!

2. Zac Efron - the one thing Ellen and I have in common - our "love" of Zac! He is good to look at and I think I would enjoy watching him mow my yard and clean out my pool - and I don't have a pool. Check him out! Rawr!

3. Book Talks - Love doing book talks to students who don't really read a lot and they sit up and take notice of the books. Some of them wanted to make sure that I had enough copies because they heard about "at least 3 books they wanted to read". I heart my job!

4. Book Groups - Every time I decide that it's just too much work to do book groups - some kid will tell me they heard about them and they want to sign up and my softie wittle heart makes me offer them again! The 3 this year meet every two weeks! Sure, we talk about the books, but mostly we just talk about...books! They love it, I love it, my principal loves's pretty flippin sweet!

5. Cinda Williams Chima - I love authors and consider what they do to be nothing short of miraculous. They take stories i know and flip them around and they introduce me to new stories and mesmerize me. I stand in awe of them. Cinda has agreed to Skype with me and my 6th graders who read Wizard Heir. The students cannot believe that she would do that - they said - "it's like we are Oprah!" - no joke, that's what they said. We are going to finish Dragon Heir before our May 8th meeting and I will blog about it here.

Honestly, life is good right now. Nothing is too exciting. Nothing is too boring. It's just flowing and I'm moving along nicely. These are just five of my favorite things. What's one of yours?

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