Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This is NOT the Body I Was Looking For - #SOL15 3

Over the past few years I've owned several Fitbits.  Currently, I'm sporting a FitBit One.  Sadly, I've spent more time researching fancy pedometers than I have actually using it to work out. And somehow I'm surprised that my clothes are tighter. I mean, not working out, eating whatever, and getting older is not the recipe for svelteness. But every week, I'm shocked. I step on the scale and I wonder what the h-e-double hockey sticks??!! Whose body is this??!!

I'm participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge. Each day in March, try to post a little slice of your day, your life, your thoughts. 


  1. I empathize. . .I'm just getting back to working off the weight of stress and swallowing too much "aggression." Good luck - we can do it!

  2. Why is it that so many of us struggle with weight in our profession? Is it the chocolates after lunch or the coffee cake in the teacher's lounge? Or is it literal stuffing of emotions? Yup, 55+ and even with regular exercise, this is not the body I expected.

  3. Ugh... yep. Menopause doesn't help, either!

  4. My friends laugh at me, but if I gain weight, I won't fit in my pleated pants or pleated skirts, and I loathe the new fashions! Probably helps that I walk to work and run two miles a day. I REALLY like my "old fashioned" clothes! Keep fighting the good fight. You'll feel better.


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