Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All I Want for My Birthday - #SOLC 10

Today is my 48th birthday. I am in disbelief. How did this happen? I'm joking. I know it is because I was granted another year. A chance to look back and then decide my way forward. I have been, and still am being, blessed. I am at my fourth school. Each move was into a job that was not on my radar. Each place brought a unique set of colleagues and parents into my life. It has been awesome. I hope it continues to be so! For at least 48 more years!

I'm participating in Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it is fabulous and you have those 48 more years!

  2. I like the thought that birthdays are a chance to look back and decide on a way forward. Happy birthday!

  3. Well, happy birthday! Nice to celebrate all of the wonderful blessings!

  4. Happy birthday to you! Love that life took you in unexpected directions - and that it was all amazing nonetheless. I hope your next 48 are just as blessed!

  5. I'm so happy to know you, my friend!


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