Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? May 12, 2014

I've been reading More Baths, Less Talking by Nick Hornby and I love the format of the book. It reminds me of the old In My Mailbox posts that used to be popular, combined with the IMWAYR posts.  Each chapter in the book lists what Hornby bought, what he read, including unfinished tomes, and then a narrative that talks about his reading and puts it into some sort of context. It's humorous and informative.  While I can't possibly be as erudite as Hornby, I decided I'd like to try that format to these posts. So, welcome.

What I Bought
Tankborn, Awakening, Rebellion (The Tankborn Trilogy) by Karen Sandler
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson
Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy) by Leah Bardugo
Sinner (Shiver Quarter??) by Maggie Stiefvater

What I'm Reading
Demons of the Oceans (The Vampirates, 1) by Justin Somper  (50%)
More Baths, Less Talking by Nick Hornby (84%)
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (50%) audio
Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson (33%)

I like to listen to books in my car or cleaning the house and when the library didn't have what I wanted, I started listening to the Harry Potter books.  I've read the first four several times but never got into the 5th, The Order of the Phoenix. This time though, I'm obsessed. Even knowing how the entire series ends, I just want to drop everything and pick this book up!  Not so much the Vampirates book. It started out strong but I'm pretty sure I'm going to give up soon. As a matter of fact, a student asked me to read Steelheart so we can discuss it, so I picked that one up instead of reading more of Demons of the Oceans.  So far, so good. At first, I didn't like it because, like this post, it's in first person. I didn't think I had a problem with those sorts of books but for this one, I did. Now, I can hardly put IT down. Which makes it hard to type as I have two books calling my name!

Each chapter in More Baths is a different month from a column in the magazine The Believer.  They are old posts. There was a spot a few chapters back where Hornby talked about books I actually read! He also bought Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  I may get the magazine to see if he ever read it. At one point he mentions sitting on the couch sandwiched between his two sons, each involved in his own activity.  It reminded me of me and the daughter because sometimes it's just nice to be in the same room, no matter what each person is doing.

More of what people have been reading can be found on TeachMentorTexts.


  1. I ordered Great Green Heist too! I read Steelheart. I enjoyed it (it didn't wow me) but my 6th grade son loved it.

  2. I love Nick Hornby's column for The Believer! There are several other books that collect the columns--maybe 4 in total? I have read them all multiple times. They're kind of comfort reading for me. I have listened to all the Harry Potters multiple times on audio--just love Jim Dale's narration.


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