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Batty About Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis - Week Two

Batty About Books presents
Not a Drop to Drink
by Mindy McGinnis

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Cover Appeal
Part One - pgs 1-95
Part Two - pgs 96-195
Part Three - pgs 196 - end

Finally we are here for Part Two. My thoughts are below in blue and Maria's are in purple. As usual, Maria and I both post but her blog, Maria's Melange, has her thoughts with my responses. I kept this spoiler-free this week but note that we finish the book next week, so no promises! I'm always amazed and how close Maria and I are to deeming the same topics worth discussing and how differently we approach them. It would be awesome to see this played out with students - via an electronic discussion where you can't see the other person's thoughts until you post yours. Hm.. Anyway on to Week Two. Enjoy!

Part Two - pgs 96-195
Well, the relationship between Lynn and Stebbs (I wonder what his real name is) has progressed beautifully. I love knowing about the background of why Lauren was the way she was and getting some insight into how they were connected.  There has been some hints at a relationship between Neva and Eli and I hope it’s just a red herring. I would like to see Lynn have another positive relationship. I’m a little concerned about the guy that came by, too. Was that just an information-gathering mission I really like how this relationship between Lynn and Stebbs is growing! It’s comforting to see her have a positive relationship with a man, after all the warnings we know her mother gave her. It was also great to finally get more of her backstory. I was surprised at how quickly that man walking by disappeared from the plot. I’m betting we get more of that later.

We learned more about the city in this section. We know they have population schedules and the use satellites to make water maps. We also know that Stebbs knew about this. Each time he is surprised that the city still uses these tools. But he has hinted that the shortage started at the very minimum 16 years-ago.  We know that people had to move to the city if they wanted water conveniently. Eli lets us know that only the more well-off had pure water. From a tap. So I wonder - why were soldiers hired to go find water if they already had water? Also, why didn't Neva’s mom come with them? She trained with them, she had to know about Bradley’s death and that her daughter and granddaughter would need some help. Why is she still in Entargo? It seems a bit odd… that things broke down so quickly. Sixteen years isn't that long. How are the cities still doing well, and yet the countryside seems like it has been out of civilization for so very long?

Eli and Neva and Lucy
He’s 16 and responsible for his brother’s wife and her 5 year old child. We know that he likes Lynn “...being good-looking doesn't seem to drop the survival rate out here.” 111. “We’re going to have to find a shared vocabulary before I can flirt.” 170 I thought their flirtations were adorable. I loved that Lynn seemed to need to be taught how to flirt. It reminds you that flirting is a learned skill… and very tied to your own culture.

Though McGinnis keeps laying hints of a relationship between him and Neva. I’m hoping this is just what Lynn is thinking and a way to distract us. Eli hasn't mentioned the Grandmother coming to save them. So does he plan to build a life for him, Neva, and Lynn? Does he want to find a new city or does he plan on settling where they are?

Neva also hasn't mentioned her mother coming to find them. She’s angry and sad and knows that she’s not taking care of Lucy. Now she has a gun. I can’t help but think the men that were mentioned earlier will be back for a showdown. Too much has been said about the way her and Lynn look as well as men taking whatever they want.... Especially since we are told over and over how beautiful she is. Yes, and now that Lynn knows a bit more about how men and women interact (how awkward must that have been for Stebbs?), it’s even more tense.

Lucy comes across as much older than a five-year-old. I know Eli mentions that Neva talked to her like an adult, but she’s still five. “...It’s like I got the water inside me, and they can’t just take it out.” 148 Her instant take into this dilemma seemed too insightful even for a bright, precocious child. I want to know what other things she’s overheard. “I know it’s important, all the secrets are” 150 Where is this Lucy is a “water witch” going to take us.... Yes, she does seem awfully precocious. I also thought that the “water witch” thing seemed odd…. like bits of magic stitched into a scientific landscape. McGinnis did make sure to mention that it is genetic… but it still seems awfully magical to me. I’m not sure how well this fits with the rest of the world building.

“He’s kinda like magic, isn't he?” He has this way of bringing everyone together. I curious as to how old he is and if he really is attracted to Neva, after being alone for so long, or if he was just noting Neva’s attractiveness for us. I wondered about that as well. He seems like a much older man sometimes… and relatively youngish at others.

.At first I was surprised to find out that he had a well, especially knowing that Lynn and Lauren depend on a pond that isn't always reliable. I wanted to know why he wasn't helping them but now I know. We know why he is so giving - “Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that make you feel the worst.” 182

I was also surprised to know that he was a dowser. (Have you read The Water Seeker by Kimberly Willis Holt?) And that Lynn didn't immediately get crazy about it, instead she wants to make sure that Lucy keeps it under wraps. But he didn't make more of an effort to share with Lauren and Lynn. I bet if things got rough for Lauren and Lynn, he might have tried to help them with water.

He gave Lynn The TALK! Bwhahahahaha!! I love you, Stebbs! That was adorable - and so awkward! I did appreciate how it was handled. Those reading the books bring their own level of knowledge to what was discussed in that sidebar.

His past with Lauren and Lynn’s dad was interesting. Especially when he admits that he wanted to be with her but missed his opportunity.“...when I shot her down I think it killed everything that was left in her but pride in herself and love for you...” 193

Now he’s trying to make up for lost time and trying to help Lynn. “I’m asking you to be more than she was. Be strong, and be good. Be loved, and be thankful for it. No regrets.” 193 This stems from the part of him that has regrets about not taking Lauren up on her offer, I’m guessing. You mentioned so many of the passages I marked! I love that his idea of having no regrets includes helping those around him.

Lynn continues to grow. She slips back into “old Lynn” a bit here and there but mostly, she’s on a totally different path now. She cares for Lucy and Stebbs and she likes (likes him, likes him) Eli. She even helps Neva. We learn about her mom’s background. We know she has an aunt who could possibly be alive. She has an aunt, who could possibly be ALIVE! How is she not freaking the heck out???

Several times she’s mentioned that she feels like someone is watching her. Coupled with learning that she is as attractive as Neva. Something is coming.  I know! I’m a bit surprised we haven’t gotten more of that, since we are already ⅔ through the book and it’s a standalone - not a series.

I love how she knows her mom was too hard. She wants to make sure Lucy doesn’t wake up alone and that she feels her affection. She decides not to be too hard on Eli. But she’s concerned that the combination of her dad’s illness and her mom’s cruelness has affected her more than she knows.

She’s starting to feel like a teenager. “Seems like it would be kind of nice not spending every living minute working against dying.” 171

”The old Lynn would’ve kicked me anyway.” The old Lynn’s still in here somewhere, so don’t tempt her.” 180


This part moved slower than the first part and felt repetitive to me. (I think this section of the book would have been stronger if I hadn’t been trying to find enough material for a full post. Sometimes I feel like the middle chunk of a  book doesn’t hold up to being examined separately.)Despite that, I was curious to know that both Eli and Lauren had been well-off. This does solve the mystery of the clothes from part one. Lauren’s parents were probably saving clothes for their future grandchildren. I want to know more about the city and how things work there and why Neva’s mom hasn’t come to find them yet. I’m having a hard time understanding how much, or how little, time is passing in the book but I’m eager to tackle the last part. Also, did her mother give birth alone???


The Fickle Fish company has adapted 3 other books I've enjoyed: Austenland, The Host, and (upcoming) Anna Dressed in Blood. The company is owned by Stephenie Meyer (yes, that Stephenie Meyer) and Meghan Hibbett. You can find more news about the option at Entertainment Weekly, Variety, and Deadline.  Can you say EXCITEMENT IS BREWING!

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