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Dear Mrs. Parks autographed by Rosa Parks courtesy Lee and Low
This is not your ordinary giveaway! 

Lee and Low is giving away a signed copy of 

Dear Mrs.Parks: A Dialogue With Today's Youth 
by Gregory J Reed

This book is signed by 

Last date to enter is 
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 

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From Lee and Low's blog:
Rosa Parks received 500 to 1,000 letters a month from children throughout the United States and the world. Dear Mrs. Parks is a product of her desire to share her legacy with all “her children,” and create a conversation that will exist for generations to come.
Eloise Greenfield, author of Paul Robeson and When the Horses Ride By, reflects on Rosa Parks: 
Eloise GreenfieldWhen I think of Rosa Parks, the words that immediately come to mind are “self-respect,” “courage” and “dedication.”  Her self-respect is clearly expressed in her choice to walk to work on many days, rather than accept the demeaning rules of the Montgomery bus company. Her decision to keep her seat on the bus, on December 1, 1955, although it would mean going to jail, where history had shown that she could be beaten or even killed, was an extremely courageous act. Her years of work with the NAACP and the Montgomery Voters League, preceding the bus incident, were early signs of her dedication to the cause of freedom for black people.
For me, Rosa Parks is one of a multitude of African and African American people who, beginning with the kidnappings in Africa, have shown courage, self-respect and dedication in the cause of freedom.

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