Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Just handed the book Pathways to the Common Core by Lucy Calkins,et al. We are doing a book study at school, starting with the ELA teachers. I get to sit in and offer resource ideas and my own two cents, which I'm thankful that many still value. This means some other things will pause while I make sure I have a handle on things.

Here's a Pathways Intro video
I'll see you Saturday when Batty About Books talks about the first 15 chapters of Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis. If you have time, grab the book and join us.


  1. Thanks for this link! We had a faculty book discussion about the book and I'm thinking we should re-convene and view/ discuss these real life examples. Seeing it is sometimes better than reading even the most faithful transcripts.

    brenda (proseandkahn)

  2. I'm hoping after you "pause" that you will "play" and write about your Pathways discussions. I just got the book in the mail this past week!

    I Run Read Teach


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