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Batty About Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis - Cover Art

Welcome to the latest edition of Batty About Books! The next four weeks will see Maria and I tackle
Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis.

Colossus is book 1 in the new Seven Wonders series.  Jack and several other characters have special gifts that will kill them unless they find the seven Loculi, each hidden in a one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Check out the terrific website -->Seven Wonders site.

Today we will touch on cover art! As usual,
my thoughts are blue while Maria's are purple.  At the end of the post, check out the links to Maria's initial reactions on her blog, Maria's Melange, as well as a trailer and a prequel!

We start out with a blurb by Rick Riordan. I don’t normally read blurbs but this caught my attention since I love the Percy Jackson series. Next we have the series title  - Seven Wonders.  Love the layout and circle around the V.  Don’t really like when the series title is bigger than the title of the book though.  I noticed the blurb right away, too - as I’m sure they were hoping. I loved the layout of the type and the gold. I don’t mind the series name being huge, since my students tend to know a series BY the series name anyway.

I like the boy with his back to us because then I can imagine him anyway I want. He’s holding some sort of orb and I wonder if that is making the monster’s eyes gold or are they already gold? The back has a cool symbol like an upside down A with a roman numeral 1 in the center of a sunburst inside it.  At least that is what my mind sees. The endpapers have a nice map. I commented on the endpapers, too. I adore maps, and the green for them is a nice change from the usual sepia tones. I hadn’t even thought about whether the orb is affecting the monster’s eyes... cool! The symbol on the back reminds me of freemason symbolism.

The colors - green and gold with a hint of red. The spine is mostly white with gold writing. Definitely stands out in the blues and other dark spines in my science fiction section. I wish the typing was green! That would be so cool.

Overall, I like the cover. It looks very middle grade science fiction-like.  I was attracted mostly to the author, since I liked his books in both the 39 Clues series.

Book Trailer

Waiting for the book from the library? Check out the prequel in the meantime. You can get it on almost any e-device or read it right from the Seven Wonders website!
The Select (Colussus Rises, prequel) by Peter Lerangis

Don't forget to check out Maria's Melange - Batty About Books Returns, she mentions how her son DEVOURED the book and asked for more!


  1. I was attracted to this one because of the author too - I found out how many books he's written about two years ago and have been meaning to read his work ever since.

  2. Sounds like something a Percy Jackson fan would love. What do you think? We are almost done with Rick Riordan's books so searching for similar ones.


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