Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hound Dog True (with apologies to Linda Urban)

I have adult ADD/ADHD.

My ADD/ADHD is like a gift.

I'm gifted at making connections. Between people and people, people and books, people and ideas. Among things.  I was born to work in the library. I store things away and then, voila, these two things go together!

I'm gifted at solving problems. Because I can focus on what's happening and see the connections.  This isn't working because of this. Have you tried this thing or that thing or this other thing? Give me a minute or two.

I'm gifted at research.  Again, my ability to focus comes into play. You need all the books, websites, movies, poems, short stories on this topic?  Just hang a sec, I'm going to do it now!

But, my ADD/ADHD can also be a hindrance.

I have a hard time listening without interrupting. My brain is busy making it's connections and it just wants to tell you everything right NOW! So I practice writing things on paper while I'm listening. And if I know you very well, I tell you when I'm losing focus. And hope you don't give up on me. Just make it shorter, please.

I have a hard time working on boring things  (like paperwork) long term. I've learned to do things in 15 or 20 minutes bursts. I switch to something else then come back and every hour - I MUST take a break!! I also must have a schedule. What to do on Mondays, or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Or bills don't get paid and groceries don't get bought.

Ultimately, I must take my medications - which I do like clockwork - but I also have to have plans in place. I try not to be embarrassed because of the reminders that pop up on my phone and computer. I try to stick to my schedule even on the weekends. And I try to connect with students and let them know I understand what they are going through. I really - oh shiny!

I'm joining the Slice of Life March Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. I'm late to the game but I'm staying until the end. #slice2013


  1. Laugh! I see so many of these traits in myself. I skip back and forth between tasks (like grading) because I can't deal with a whole pile all at once. My students laugh when I email myself reminders... and still forget.

    My husband hates it when I clean, because I skip around... straighten up one area, then move to another area and back again..

  2. Hmmm.... maybe I am undiagnosed ADHD too. I do the same thing. I can make connections and I constantly interrupt. I thought it was just because everyone is so slow when they talk and I am so impatient.

  3. "I have a hard time working on boring things (like paperwork) long term"
    I totally relate to this line. Something in my brain craves the novelty amidst the routine.
    I do hope people are patient with you!


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