Saturday, January 19, 2013

Batty About Books - The Return

Last year I teamed up with Maria's Melange for Batty About Books. Every month or so, we would read and explore a MG/YA science fiction or fantasy novel. The only plan we had before each book was how we would divide up the book. The rest of the discussion played out as we read the book and responded to each other's thoughts.   No real rules, we made them up as went to fit our schedules and our thoughts.  We use a google doc and try to post our own thoughts before reading and responding.  Once we feel the discussion is done, we cut and paste the doc into a post.

To read more about our process, check out our joint post over on Nerdy Book Club!

So What's Next for Batty About Books?

Kathy: There are many ways we can go from here! I know, and that is so exciting to me, too! The best part of having a book buddy is getting encouragement to stretch and grow in unexpected ways. Be sure to come by our blogs to see what we tackle next.
  • Classic Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • MG Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • More reading from the Andre Norton list (do they still do that award?)
  • Addressing our book gaps (I have so many!) I think we all do, Kathy. I know I tend to read science fiction and fantasy to the exclusion of many other types of novels, though I have tried to branch out more this year by following my own genre requirements for my students.
  • Talking more about using the books with students (at least in the last post)
  • Giving more specifics about readalikes
  • Covers (we talked about doing this in the beginning)
  • Diversity
  • Graphic Novels (love your pinterest board!)
  • Student Recommendations - maybe 1 or 2 a year?

What type of books do you want to see us tackle?

First Batty About Books...

Check out Mike Jung's blog.

Can't wait to dive into this one! Tune in next week for the start of our discussion and don't forget to check out our Nerdy Book Club post!
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  1. Jung's book looks great. It's on my list to get my hands on to read!


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