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Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown - Review and Giveaway

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown (website | twitter)
Publisher: Delacorte Press/Random House (book page)
Source: publisher
Genre: fantasy (killer mermaids)
Rating:  5/5
Buy it: Amazon | Indiebound

 Merpeople are serious grudge holders. When Calder White was a wee merman his mom was killed waiting for Tom Hancock to fulfill his promise to her. The Whites have never forgiven the Hancock family. They've finally located Jason Hancock, one of Toms's descendants, and have a chance to pay the family back.  By killing one of them! A life for a life. Calder's job is to use his earthly charms to get close to the Hancock family so he and his sisters can take them down.

These are killer mermaids! Not only do they want to get revenge but they also prey on humans. They feed off emotions. The happier the human, the more satiated the merperson! Creepy!

Calder tries his best to separate himself from his three evil mermaid stepsisters. He migrates at least a plane ride away from them every winter. But as soon as things start to warm-up, he can't resist his older sister Maris pulling him back to her side. Really, they are all linked and can see what the other person is thinking. His only way free is to get Maris to sever the connection.

Wait, did I mention that Jason Hancock has two daughters? One Calder's age? Can you see where this is going? Lies Beneath has the same premise as many other "I want to be with you but I will probably kill you. No hard feelings. It's just my nature" type of books but Greenwood Brown kept it from being cliched. Her engaging writing style and the relentless forward motion of the plot made it hard to put the book down. So I didn't. You won't want to either!

Hang on, do not be deceived by this cover, as georgous as it is. Lies Beneath is narrated by Calder White, a boy mermaid, er, merman.  So, I'm guessing that's Lily on the cover. Deceptive even in it's beauty. Kinda like the merpeople. Well played, Anne Greenwood Brown, well played.



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  1. It sounds creepily good. Who knew merpeople were so evil?

  2. This one sounds pretty good. I haven't read a mermaid book before, and I really want to. I think I'll have to start with this one. I absolutely love the cover! Thanks for the review. :)


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