Monday, June 11, 2012

Librarians vs Teachers - Summer Throwdown!

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Come one! Come All! 
Teachers and Librarians that is!

Are you a teacher or librarian that loves to read? 

Had you already planned on catching up with books you missed during the school year! 

Think you can read "competitively"?  

Join us for the first (and hopefully not last) 
School Librarians vs Teachers 
Summer Throwdown!!
This is going to be one fun, amazing, summer reading challenge you don't want to miss!

Complete details at Heise Reads and Recommends!

The Rules
Rule #1 - the #summerthrowdown will run from June 18th - July 17th
If you are less than half done with a book before the 18th, you can finish it on the 18th and it will count! But, if you are NOT done with a book by July 17th - it does NOT count!

Rule #2 - team with the most points at the end of the throwdown wins
Under 50 pages = 1/4 point
50 - 150 = 1/2 point
151 - over = 1 point

Rule #3 - This should be fun for everyone!
While trash talk is welcomed and expected, remember, we are teachers and librarians! No hits below the belt!

The Sign Up
Pledge your allegiance - Join the #summerthrowdown challenge
Keep track of points - Use this handy-dandy spreadsheet after you sign up. Make sure to choose the correct Librarian or Teacher tab at bottom!

The Buttons
You can't have a challenge without a button! Download and display yours!

The Why
Jillian (@heisereads) and Brian (@brianwyzlic) do this fantastic contest between their sister classrooms.  To read more about it visit Jillian's blog, Heise Reads and Recommends or Brian's Blog, Wyz Reads, where they tell you What is This #Throwdown Thing Anyway.

I asked Brian, nicely, about it on twitter and he threw down the gauntlet! Ok, Sherry actually threw it down.  Brian picked it up and ran away with it! Teachers! You can't beat them, but you can read more than they can!

For a more logical and easier to understand post about The #SummerThrowdown please read this post by Jillian at Heise Reads!


  1. Argh! I now have a Twitter account and no idea what to do with it. Or much desire to learn! I'll be out of town and taking three online classes during this time period but will do my best to help out the Librarian Team. We would kick the teachers' books... but that might damage the books and that would be bad!

    1. You should tweet that "kick the teacher's books" that was so funny! You can now add several librarians to follow if you search the hashtag #summerthrowdown!

  2. Ha-Ha--this sounds AWESOME! Though I am neither teacher nor librarian (merely a lowly writer) I'd pay money to see a smackdown.

    Ms. Y.--Pick up "Twitter for Dummies"--it's literally on my desk right now! Folks are pretty friendly on there too, and happy to show you the ropes.

    "Kick teachers' books"--nice one ;-)

    1. I'll take your money! Just kidding. Sort of. We are school librarians after all. We don't get paid nearly what we should. But we do get joy out of working with students so that's a win! Thanks for stopping by Ilana!

  3. This looks fun to watch. Hmm... I am betting on Librarians! But only b/c they don't have to work on things like lesson plans.

    1. Hate to break it to you but we DO have to do lesson plans! We are school librarians!! I have to come up with several common assessments with my fellow middle school librarians to use as well as the planning I do to work with students!


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