Friday, May 4, 2012

Batty About Books - A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull - Part 1

Maria (@mselke01) and I are reading together and we are now 
Batty About The Beyonders, 
or at least we hope to be!

Each week, time permitting, we will share our thoughts about a section of the book.  My thoughts are in blue and Maria's in purple.  On her blog, Maria's Melange, you can read the other side of the story!

Welcome to our second foray into buddy reading! We're readingA World Without Heroes (Beyonders). This is the first book in Brandon Mull's new series. This book was nominated for a Fantasy/ Science Fiction Cybil Award for Middle Grade readers.

A World Without Heroes - Part 1 - Beginning to 98

Kathy: Let me start by saying that if we weren’t reading this together, I would have given up already!

In the beginning - the prologue set me up for some exciting and fascinating intrigue! Who was this prisoner that was fooled by the evil King? Why was the King so evil? I was hooked.  Then we went to present day Jason and the whole mood was different.  Mull is trying hard to be funny and it’s not working.  When Jason goes into the hippo’s mouth, it becomes very confusing. 

Maria: Agreed. I adored the prologue. It was mysterious and JUST right. Then it was like another author stepped in. I hope we get that other style back soon. Kathy: That’s it! It seemed like a different person was writing, the style was so different!

Kathy: In the middle - I hope he will get back to why these people felt it necessary to commit suicide.  All I feel right now is disjointed.  Is that because Jason feels that way having traveled through to this new world? And what’s with the loremaster. Again, a change in mood. Now the new language and names he’s introducing are too much to handle and follow the story too. 

Maria: Yes, disjointed is the right word. I am hopeful about Rachel, but it still feels like Mull is just jumping around. What award did this win again? I wanted more about the musicians, too. They intrigue me, and I hope we get more of that piece of the story. Kathy: It didn’t win but it was nominated for a Cybils. They try to find books that are well written and have great kid appeal.

Kathy: In the end - Now that he’s on his quest and past the lady with the bread, I feel like the story is picking up. I love the Gamemaster and The Blind King.  Interesting that the King actually knows the state of the country but pretends for the people.  I also like the introduction of Rachel.  I can’t wait to see how the relationship between those two play out.  She seems smart and capable.

Maria: I do like the Blind King. My son (who just finished the first book) keeps asking me if I’ve figured out who he is yet... so hopefully that will pull the intrigue level along a bit more. Kathy: OMG! Prologue?

Kathy: Overall - the book seems to be on the upswing but it took a L-O-N-G time to get there.  I can’t see kids sticking with this.  I hope it continues to improve because I really want to recommend it! 

Maria: Well, I know my son loved them. He hated Fablehaven, though. (Just confirmed that with him - he thought Fablehaven was “too slowly paced”) So it does seem like this is Mull’s style. My son thought Beyonders had a quicker pace. Guess I’m not trying Fablehaven!! Kathy: HA! Agreed!



  1. I kept almost checking this one out from my library all last year, so I'm very interested to hear what you both think of it. I hope the pace picks up!

  2. Hmm... that sounds like it's a lot of work to read. And not in a good way.


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