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Batty About Books - Graceling by Kristin Cashore - Final

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Maria (@mselke01) and I are reading together and our first book is Graceling.  Each week, time permitting, we will share our thoughts about a section of the book.  My thoughts are in blue and Maria's responses are in purple.  On her blog, Maria's Melange, you can read the other side of the story!


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First, I was so afraid after they made it through the mountains that something terrible was going to happen.  When they found an ally and and then a ship to take them to Lienid, I thought I could relax but since this wasn’t my first read...  Yes. Though I loved the book, there were some odd pacing issues. Sometimes I expected a longer build up, and then WHAM something was over.

BITTERBLUE! I loved how Bitterblue found herself on the ship.  After being away from Leck and his influence for so long, she was able to relax and even started trusting men again.  I agree! I think I’m really starting to enjoy her as a character, which makes me even happier about the new book coming out. I really want more about her!

LECK! I hoped I hadn’t remembered this part correctly but it’s probably what I remember the most! The redeeming part was Bitterblue.  She could tell he was lying and she defended Katsa when all was said and done.  Boy, that was gruesome and fitting.  I liked how his mouth was his undoing. As I mentioned in my thoughts, I found this section to be over too quickly. I wanted to know how he got there, and I felt like his defeat was just too easy. But I did like how the effects of his Grace lingered. That at least made it feel like it wasn’t just a “wave a magic wand and fix it all” ending.

SKYE! I want a book about him! He seems so fun! I wonder if he’ll show up in Bitterblue married!  He was so excited about Katsa.  I loved that he wanted to see what made her famous.  That he didn’t feel like she was some sort of monster.  How different her life would have been to grow up in Lienid! So glad you brought up this character. I really enjoyed him, and I like how he interacted with both Po and Katsa. He’s a keeper. Maybe he’ll end up with Bitterblue? I thought about that! I was trying to calculate his age - since she's only 9 now - and couldn't determine it. Will be on the lookout in Bitterblue!

ROR! So happy that Cashore showed a different side of him. Kings are NOT all bad.  I have a better feel for him now. Love how he took Bitterblue under his wing. Another positive male role model for Bitterblue. She needs them to counteract Leck’s first 9 years in her life.  Also, I keep forgetting she’s NINE! I think the thing I liked best about Ror was how he felt confident leaving his queen in charge when he left. I think that was valuable for Katsa to see as well. I love how he’s mentoring and guarding Bitterblue. Yes, he would use Po (as we’ve discussed before) but I don’t think it’s because he’s power hungry. I think he’d use Po because kings who care for their people use any tool in their reach. It would hurt Po, but I don’t think that would be Ror’s motivation. Don't know if I could do something that might hurt my daughter!!! Possibly why I'm not officially the queen!

PO! He returns. But he’s not the conquering hero. Even with this new setback, he’s still awesome.  His “saving” Grace - “your Grace shows you the form of things but it doesn’t show you beauty. You’ve lost beauty.” Would be great to have students describe what they would miss if they “lost beauty”? I would miss seeing my daughter’s beautiful smiling face most of all! I really enjoyed this twist. Again, he reminds me of Daredevil! I think he’ll realize that he may have lost one aspect of beauty, but now he’s in touch more with the whole of creation - with the “music of the spheres” - and realize he didn’t really lose anything at all.

MORE PO! He’s going home to share this latest news about himself with his mother.  Now he has two things to keep secret.  Is that possible? Won’t the pretense be overly exhausting, if he’s already having a hard time keeping things from Skye and Bitterblue? I hope he can find a way to admit to at least a part of his Grace, so he doesn’t have to keep up the act completely with his family.

RAFFIN! BANN! Have I said they need a book? They better show up in Bitterblue.  Loved Katsa’s reaction to seeing them again. These two characters are amazing. Raffin is the perfect big brother. I do hope we see a lot more of them in Bitterblue.

RANDA! No, he’s doesn’t show up but Katsa is going to see him. How will we react? Does he still feel betrayed? Will he attack her out of fear? I’m just so thrilled that she decided to say “hang it all, I’m not tiptoeing around him”. She’ll face him, and then be able to move on without fear. Love that. Maybe Randa will die and Raffin will take over. Yes! Death to Randa!

So many questions!
I know we won’t partner read Bitterblue, but I think we should do at least one post with our reactions to that one! I agree!

Tune in next week when we tackle 
A World Without Heroes (Beyonders, 1) by Brandon Mull!

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  1. I loved your buddy read! Since I've read Bitterblue, I'm keeping my mouth shut, and not telling you anything!! ;) I'm exicted to hear what you think about Beyonders- I remember you giving me that book a while back, and I never read it, because I thought the cover was so ugly... maybe your buddy read will inspire me to read it, despite the cover!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life


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