Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aneeqah's New Blog!

Hi guys!

So, after lots of encouragement from Ms. B [Kathy] and Lucy, I have decided to start my own blog! I will still be posting occasionally here, with my NetGalley reviews and a few other things as well. But my main, day-to-day posting will be over at my new blog. I'm so excited to be heading into the book blogging world on my own! If you guys would like to follow me there, that would be great. You can find me at My Not So Real Life.

Thank you so much to Kathy for getting me started with book blogging. None of this would have happened without you!!


  1. Who is Aneeqah? You are still doing the brain lair, right? Please say yes!

    1. The Brain Lair had recruited some teen bloggers to the site. Two have been very active, Aneeqah and Lucy, those are most of the posts you've seen recently as I was taking some time to rediscover my blogging voice.

      Over the course of writing for me, these girls have discovered their own insightful, passionate voices and are ready to spread their wings! Our first off-shoot blog will be My Not So Real Life, hosted by Aneeqah.

      Like a parent, I'm sad to see her leave but understand that it's time! There isn't anything I can teach her!!

      For now, The Brain Lair, will continue but if there are some recent posts you've loved - you may want to check out Aneeqah's blog because either she or Lucy wrote those posts!

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