Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facing the Giants by Eric Wilson - Review

Never Give Up. Never Back Down. Never Lose Faith.
These were the most important words ever used, and said. Ones that are put into place in the story.
Grant Taylor has had six consecutive losing seasons, as a high school football coach. He believes that nothing else could possibly go wrong. But he's wrong. With failure and fear over powering him, this coach, and husband turns to God for help. Trusting God somehow did the impossible for the Shiloh Christan Eagles, as they soon discover how faith plays out of the football field.
My Review--

What an emotional read, and more importantly an inspirational read! When they had given up strength was here to pick them up. After seeing the movie, I read that there was a book. I immediately went searching for it and read it. I loved the movie, and I must say the book was just as good. The book went into a deeper meaning which I love. I got to figure out certain things, that I didn't get a chance to see in the movie.

In the book we got more of a background on David and Larry, a more behind the scenes look of Coach Duke, a better understanding of Mr. Bridges and his dedication to the football team, a background of Grant and Brooke, and  better understanding of the interaction the footballers had with each other... and of course... The Georgia football history. Lets also not forget the Death Crawl... but you have to see or read to figure that out.

If you liked the movie, you would really want to read the book, and if you read the book and didn't see the movie... Then you want to see the movie!!

**Watch out! I think I'll be also reading Fireproof, and Courageous. They are all based on the screen play by Alex and Stephen Kendrick!!

This is the trailor for the movie.

Loving to Read One Step at a Time


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  1. It reminds me of that Denzel Washington movie. Looks great especially for sporty boys!


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