Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Sunday Salon - Printz of the Past Challenge

A few days ago I came up with my own personal challenge: I was going to read all the American Library Association Michael J. Printz Award and Honor books. That I haven't already read.  @LeaKelley mentioned that she wanted to do an #nerdprintz challenge and I told her what I committed to, bada bing bada bam - this post was born!

We were inspired by @MrSchuReads and @Colbysharp who have committed to read all the Newbery Award Winners from 1922 - present!

Since this is personal - I get to make up the rules! And so do you! Just wanna read the award winners? Do it! Just wanna read the honor books? Do it! Want to read from present to past? Do it! Take two years, 3 years, 4 YEARS??? DO IT!

Make this challenge one you can live with! We'll be tweeting about the challenge using the hashtag #nerdprintz and I'll be posting my thoughts as I read each book - wondering why THIS book won and award or honor and can I predict the next winner????

If you are interested in joining - please sign up below!!


  1. I'm in!!!! :) I am going to read the ones I've missed over the years. :)


  2. Great challenge idea, Ms. B! Good luck and have fun! =)

  3. What a great idea. I want to do this with you one day, but this is not a year that I can handle that challenge. I am looking forward to what you say about each book, though! Vicarious reading alongside you! And thank you for being an inspiration!


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