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Remember Me by Cheryl Robinson - Blog Tour and Giveaways

Robinson, Cheryl. New American Library, 2011. $15.00. 400p. 978-0-4512-3338-7. (ARC reviewed was 508p)

Mia Marks-Glitch has always wanted two things: to be married and to be well off.  She finally has what she wants, so why isn't she happy? Danielle King has always wanted to be a writer. She wants to escape an oppressive life with her bigoted family and she will never look back.  She has all the success she's wanted.  What's wrong with her life?

When Alexandra Glitch and Tiffany Allen became roommates in college, they never knew their mothers were once best friends.  It takes an accident on the way back for the long story to come tumbling out.

Cheryl Robinson uses alternating chapters of flashbacks and present day to reveal Mia and Danielle's falling out.  The chapters also switch between the younger Mia and younger Danielle as well as their older counterparts.  The changes happen at each chapter and are noted by dates at the top.  It's still a little confusing.  I found this read more like a series of barely connected short stories. This kept me from getting to know any of  the characters well.  Consequently, I never bought Mia's anger over Danielle's or Frank's betrayal because I never cared for any of the characters. The constant switching seemed to slow the plotting down and made the story drag for me. Those things kept me from enjoying Remember Me as a whole but in parts this epic story of 30 years of relationships had it's moments.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy my book. But I do appreciate you taking the time to post a constructive review.

  2. I'm sorry that this one didn't turn out to be a favorite for you, but thanks for being a part of the tour.

  3. I don't read any reviews of a TLC book until AFTER mine is posted. We could be twins!!! I would try another one of her books though, but this one just didn't work for me. Great review!

  4. I don't fit in the US/Canada destination, so poor me - but I've gotten this one on my own and I have to say it's a wonderful book.


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