Tuesday, July 19, 2011

January by Gabrielle Lord - Bookaday #18

Lord, Gabrielle.January (Conspiracy 365). Kane/Miller, 2010. 12.99. 192p. 978-1-9352-7949-5

I'm still searching for a book for our next One Book, One School program and this one was recommned to me by a student.  You meet Cal who is going on a boat trip with his uncle.  He doesn't think the weather is all that great and tries to warn said uncle to no avail.  A storm comes in and the two would have drowned if it wasn't for Cal's quick wits.  That's just the beginning of the scrapes Cal gets into.  A crazy guys tells him he's got 1 year (365 days...) to live if he doesn't solve this Ormond Conspiracy and Cal's like WHAT? Sure enough strange people start hunting him down and he's being framed for a weird accident that puts his sister in the hospital.  He only has one friend who's willing to also risk his life to help Cal out. But they don't seem to be getting anywhere and the stakes, they just keep on raising.

This one is filled with suspense and action and impossible situations.  But, it makes for compelling reading.  I will definitely try to get it for the the library, but I don't think it will have a broad enough appeal for One Book, One School. It's separated into 12 books so I know Cal at least makes it to December, if not January of the following year You do have to order these books from Usborne.


  1. I just read this one too recently and really enjoyed it. I definitely think it would be one to introduce to students who have read the Alex Rider series. :)

  2. Kristen, I agree with the Alex comparison though Alex has more meat. I would give this one to those who shy away from reading.

  3. Haven't read this yet. Loved the cover and the title is excellent. Wish I could come up with titles like that!

  4. Haven't heard of this book yet, but looks really good. Thank you for sharing. Looks like my kind of book.


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