Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Bookaday #1 - A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

A Wrinkle in Time
A Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L'Engle
Square Fish
211 pgs.

I haven't read this one since I was a child.  My interest was re-kindled when I read When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead.  I watched the movie and vowed I would re-read this book.  Finally, almost 2 years later, it is finished.

"Nothing is hopeless. We must hope for everything." - Euripedes as quoted by Mrs. Who

Therein lies the essence of A Wrinkle in Time.  Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin are sent on a trip to a "dark planet" to rescue Mr. Murry, Charles and Meg's father.  Their parents are brilliant scientists and Charles and Meg are brilliant in their own ways.  Mr. Murry was trying a top secret experiment for his work and never came home. The Murrys all believe he will return one day, but no one else does.  Now Meg, with the help of Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which, has an opportunity to change their minds but the task proves bigger than she could ever have imagined.

Meg, although impatient, quick to anger, and very sensitive, is our heroine.  Or maybe that's why she is our heroine. She's a real girl.  These "faults" are what prove to be a game-changer.  Glad I found the time to read this, and you should too.

My goal is to read 15 books during Spring Break and  The Dewey 24 Hour Readathon.  Follow #bookaday on twitter to see my progress!


  1. You've tweaked my interest in re-reading. I think I'll dig out my copy of A Wrinkle in Time and see if it's as wonderful as I remember.


  2. Oh this has ALWAYS been one of my favorites. Forever! Thanks for reminding me I need to reread it. I read the entire series, multiple times, long ago. Ah, I miss it!

  3. One of my all-time favorites! Thanks for the reminder!


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