Saturday, April 9, 2011

ReadAThon April 2011 - Update #2 - The Loser List by HN Kowitt

The Loser ListThe Loser List
HN Kowitt
Scholastic Press
207 pgs ARC

Danny is a "art geek" - he loves to read and draw comics. His best friend Jasper is also a geek - he likes to invent stuff and wear weird shirts. There were so many cliches in this book. The big bully - Axl - wore a doo-rag and a skull jacket - things that would not be allowed in our middle school. People even wore their hoodies - in school! They sneak into the girls bathroom and break a cinder block wall and DO NOT get in trouble. In detention, no work gets done and it's ok. They fight and take people's money in the lunchroom. There's even a food fight, where only one person gets in trouble.

When the big crime is revealed at the end, the students involved get to work somewhere off campus not under school or parent supervision.

Now, I confess, I do not know how all schools work. I've been an educator for 10 years but I've worked in one system the whole time. Granted, I went to school and did my practicums and student teaching at a variety of schools, but I don't know everything there is, but I know this - this stuff would NEVER work. Yes, I believe in suspension of disbelief, but sometimes, and this is one case, too much can be asked of the reader.  I would much rather give a kid Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But that is just me.  Other people seemed to like this one - Goodreads Loser List - so, check out.

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The Loser List by HN Kowitt

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I took a nice lunch break and also changed rooms to get a little sunshine.  I think I'm going to take a quick nap and possibly clean something.  I check in later!


  1. You're doing awesome, 2 books is great!! Enjoy the rest of your reads ;)

  2. I totally agree with you about those things not being allowed at school. I've been in about 4 school systems & none of those things would be allowed! LOL!


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