Monday, November 8, 2010

The Hole in the Wall by Lisa Rowe Fraustino - Review and Blog Tour

The Hole in the WallThe Hole in the Wall
Lisa Rowe Fraustino
November 2010

Seb Daniels has finally found a way to escape his family.  His little "Hole in the Wall" is the perfect getaway.  He's made it feel homey by stashing some of his favorite things and using unintentional castoffs from the family.  When he's relaxed and reading or daydreaming, he swears colors start swirling out of the rocks.  But, eventually, all good things must end. At home, which is a real "hole in the wall" since it snuggles up near a mountain, Seb shares a room with his twin Barbara, also known as Shish Kebarb.  Jed has run away and Pa spends all day drunk and Grum, his grandmother, has taken over his former room. Seb's part of town, the Kokadjo Gore, has been strip-mined and the Daniels own one of the last standing houses.  The house is starting to seep up the runoff water from the stripped land and it's doing strange things to the ground and to the chickens.  When Seb is up gathering eggs for sale, he finds one that's been solidified.  The next thing you know, Stanley "Boots" Odum is at their door offering to buy their land.  The same Stanley Odum who's purchased and destroyed all the beautiful wooded areas around the Daniels.  The same Stanley Odum who forced their Pa out of a job and then wouldn't let him work in the new company.  Seb hated Stanley.  There had to be something going on for Odum to want their land so much.  Seb and Barbie set to find out and hope they'll solve the mystery of the chickens along the way.  Hopefully before the cookie dough solidifies in Seb's stomach!

Original story that adds magical realism to the mystery.
Fast-paced plot keeps the story moving forward.
Some funny parts - Seb is "magnetized" and a chicken gets stuck to his stomach.
Want to know what will happen to the family.
Values imagination and hard work.

Too many different stories being told at once is a little jarring and hard to follow.
Too many coincidences - unrealistic.
Too many characters mean you don't really get to know them.
Resolution wrapped up too neatly.

Why wasn't Barbara the narrator?  Tune in tomorrow for a guest post by Lisa Rowe Fraustino, maybe we'll get our questions answered.

Book Trailer

Blog Tour
November 9 Cynsations
November 10 Green Bean Teen Queen
November 11 Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading
November 12 Kid Lit Frenzy

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  1. An interesting book trailer. I liked the gradual change in the landscape color, but I couldn't relate to the music. Maybe it was just me. Interesting idea to write about color as a life force.

  2. Lisa, I'm cheering for you! Congratulations on the Milkweed Prize, and on this book, which I can't wait to read.

  3. Uma! Thanks for stopping by. Will you ever come back to our poetry retreat? Email me so we can catch up?


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