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Thoughts on the Way (of Kings) - Part 3 - Dying

The Way of Kings : The Stormlight Archive (ARC)
Brandon Sanderson
Tor Fantasy
August 2010

Part 3: Dying
Chap 29 - Chap 51 and Interludes 7-9
Pages 455 - 721

The Story
Shallan is trying to figure out a way to steal from Jasnah because she knows here family is depending on her.  She's become engrossed in becoming a scholar and has even made a friend of Kabsal, the ardent.  She is becoming increasingly disturbed because "figures" keep appearing in the background of all of her drawings, ones that she isn't drawing.  She thinks it's the stress of keeping her secret that causing her breakdown.  She then 'soulcasts' without knowing that she's doing it and ends up in the hospital.  She tells Jasnah part of her secret and is now waiting for her fate.  I'm trying to guess her other secret - something to do with holding out her hand and waiting for 10 heartbeats.  Isn't that how you call your Shardblade?

We learn a little more about why Jasnah might be in Kharbranth instead of home, she seems to be investigating her father's death in regards to his meeting the Parshendi on a hunt.  At the time of his death, it seemed the Alethi were actually making a treaty with the Parshendi and not at war with them.  She can't seem to figure out what changed so that they would want to assassinate him.

Kaladin's choice to become a soldier becomes clear.  His goal, then as it is now, is to save someone.  Kaladin is trying to figure out how to keep Bridge Four safe, not knowing that doing so means others have to die.  His action leads to such a serious defeat that he is left in the highstorm to die.  We also find out why Kaladin hates the lighteyes so much.  He was betrayed in battle and then branded so no one would believe his story.

In the Interludes we meet a aqueen who likes to destroy art as well as two ardents.  One of the ardents like to cook while the other is studying the spren. This is our second spren studier.  We are finding out things that might help us understand Syl, the spren that follows and talks to Kaladin.  We also learn more about Szeth. He doesn't want to do the killings but believes he ahs no choice as a Truthless. He had to kill some Highprinces but they weren't any of the ten in  Alethkar. Szeth is also called, Szeth-son-Neturo (his father) and Szeth-son-son-Vallano. 
The World Building
 Brandon Sanderson must have books and books of notes to keep all the details straight. This world is so complete.  I'm fascinated and drawn back into it with every free moment.  I'm not even telling you
Spren - the light that takes a variety of shapes and colors.  Kaladin's mother believes they signify change.
  • rainspren - light blue
  • starspren - rare
  • nightspren
  • 10 Silver Kingdoms - Alethela, Valhav, Shin Kak Nish (note symmetry of names)
  • Marabethia
  • Babartharnam - ruled by Monavakah
  • Rianal
  • Dalilak - large coastal city 
  • Yulay
  • King Hanavanar - rules Jah Kaved
  • Herdazian - blue-crystalline nails
  • Highmarshal Amaram - signed up soldiers for army
  • Hashal and Matal - Matal is new lighteyes in charge of Bridge crews in Highprince Sadeas' army
  • Klade - King Gavilar's Parshendi "friend"
  • Stormwarden Matain - was on expedition with King Gavilar when the first encountered the Parshendi
  • Kabsal - ardent that seeks to convert Jasnah Kohlin and woo Shallan Davar
  • makam - wood to make bridges
  • Thaylen bread - brown and fluffy
  • Devotaries - Purity, Insight, Sincerity
  • Books - Shadows Remembered, Western Voyages, Dialogue, Palates of Personality, 14th Book of Seld, Among the Darkeyed, Tales by Hearthlight, King Gavilar Kholin: A Biography, Book of Endless Pages, The Last Desolation
  • Dawnshards, Dawnsingers
  • Stormwarden - studied and predicted highstorms
  • Aharietiam - Last Desolation
  • Era of Solitude - current time period
  • Chachel - 3rd day of week
  • Ketek - form of poetry
  • Kammar - attack only with hands
  • Philosophy's Shallan studied - Starkness, Purpose, Ideals, Aspiration

    What I'm Thinking
    Finally understand how many of the characters became who they are, especially Kaladin.  I love how there are so many books mentioned since Jasnah and Shallan are scholars.  The library, the Palaneum, sounds like a beautiful place.  I want to learn more about Soulcasting.  I wonder if a Desolation is coming soon since it's stressed that you can almost pinpoint it's arrival.

    What's Next
    Part 4: Storm's Illumination

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    1. Have you noticed the sword graphics on the title pages for the five parts are symetrical? Part One and Part Five are the same; Part Two and Part Four are the same; Part Three is unique. Do you suppose there is intentional meaning in that? I can't imagine Brandon would not make it so, given the level of superior symbolism in the novel.


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