Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce - Review

Sisters Red
Jackson Pearce
Little, Brown
June 2010
336 pg (ARC)

My thoughts
Sisters Rosie and Scarlett March are crime-fighters. Not because they've always wanted to be but because they were forced into it. The March sisters are out to save women from the big, bad wolves who would like to prey on them. These wolves look human. They are usually super handsome and rich. They love finding women walking alone so that's one of the ways the sisters try to lure them. The March girls wear red capes and carry hatchets and other weapons. They pretend to be helpless and lost. They will do almost anything to get the men somewhere alone. But that's not how it's always been for the girls and Rosie wishes she could do something different with her life but she owes Scarlett.

I loved the idea that Little Red Riding Hood was still around and kicking the wolves butts. Scarlett felt that since she knew the secret identities her knowledge came with great responsibility. I also liked Silas, the girls' best friend, being a woodcutter. Good play on a classic fairy tale. I had a hard time picturing the girls wearing capes in modern day society though. Funnily enough I could buy them carrying knives easily. I also felt that having Scarlett consumed by the hunt so much that she couldn't love anyone was sad. I wanted her to be a mean, lean fighting machine and have a handsome, strong guy in her life.

Another issue I had with the story was the predictable-ness of it. Halfway through the book I was able to determine what was going to happen. It was not enough to turn me off the book though, I wanted to make sure my predictions came true. There was one part of the story where Rosie had to make an escape that I found implausible. I read a lot of science fiction/fantasy so my disbelief is easily suspended but this was just not something I could see happening.

All in all, the book was likable. I could see a couple of students who would actually enjoy it more than I did so I give it 3 copies.

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  1. Jackson writes well. Sorry you didn't find this one compelling, but glad you liked it enough to give it 3 copies. Guess I'll have to read it and see if we're on the same page. Thanks for the review.


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