Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday Salon (on Thursday) - SLJ Battle of the Kids' Book - Round 3

The Lost Conspiracy

Ok, I somehow forgot to post this and I know you've been on tenterhooks wondering how The Battle is going!  Blame it on Spring fever and Jr. Academic Superbowl mania. Anyway, there are only TWO contests in this round and then we get to see what book rises from the dead and hear what the great Katherine Paterson has to say about all three books!!

Match 1 - Charles and Emma vs. The Lost Conspiracy
I can't really "predict" this one because I already saw that The Lost Conspiracy won!

Match 2 - Marching for Freedom vs. Tales from Outer Suburbia
These were both great books.  I learned new things from MFF.  Reading about these events from a young person's perspective makes me wonder if I would have had the gumption that they did.  Even when they didn't have Martin Luther King's support, they did what they needed to do.  I don't think I have the guts... They changed lives, mine included.  Still, I must admit that I like Tales better. Now, this one will be judged by the incredible Walter Dean Myers. Yes, really, Walter Dean Myers.  Did you know he was "given" to someone as a child and he doesn't know why?  I kinda believe he might find a certain affinity with MFF.  On the other hand, have you seen the wonderful cover of Sunrise Over Fallujah? Or Brown Angels?  I think illustration and design are important to him too...  I'm gonna have to stick with Shaun Tan on this one...

Final judging isn't until Monday - Spring Break! - so I'll be back on Sunday with thoughts on the Zombie book, Mr. Myers' pick, and the final round.

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  1. Intriguing...hmm.

    What a good idea to post the Salon on Thursday. Is that every week, or just this week?

    My Salon:


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