Saturday, March 27, 2010

For Keeps by Natasha Friend - Review

For Keeps
Natasha Friend
April 2010
272 pg. ARC
3 copies

Josie thinks she may finally get together with Matt Riggs. Josie's mom, Kate, finally found a guy who shares her appreciation of books. Everything seems to be falling in place. Until they run into Josie's biological parents. The ones that don't know Josie is alive. And her mom wants to keep it that way.

For Keeps starts off with Josie in the role of mom although she keeps telling us that her mom usually has her stuff together. Josie is a high school junior who plays a mean game of soccer. It's always been just her and her mom, and they've enjoyed things that way. When Josie and Kate both find boyfriends they start seeing less of each other.

We see Josie as she tries to make decisions without her mom's help and she shows resentment that her mom is tied up with someone else. After all, she's had her to herself for 16 years. Very realistic. In the meantime, Josie is dealing with truths about her "boyfriend" as well as the grandparent she is slowly getting to know, all of this without her mom's guidance or, even, knowledge.

Although I enjoyed For Keeps when I was reading it, it doesn't stick with you afterwards.  I had a hard time recalling details once the book was out of my sight.  Which is fine.  My only pause would be for students who are fans of Perfect and Lush, Natasha Friends first two books.  Those books dealt with eating disorders and alcoholism.  Those students might be disappointed if they are looking for more of the same.  I still give the book 3 copies because it was entertaining and worth the read.  FYI, The cover for this one is very different from Natasha Friend's previous efforts and that should have clued me in....

ARC provided by Around The World Tours.

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